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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Infesticon #1, Jul 18, 2013.

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    Thank you.
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    We had a mini workshop on Ippon dori waza this week. Some shiko racing and standing in horse stance for a minute, I can't manage a minute. Really need I pull my finger out and work on my fitness outside of class more. More kata practice, having problems with the kote gaeshi kata. Still got a lot of time to get it right though.
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    Good training tonight, I missed last week due to a bad case of food poisoning that I gave myself, rookie mistake.

    Some practice with Shio Nage, first just drilling the technique and then with resistance actively trying to escape. I think I managed to perform shio nage twice out of 8 or so times when we had resistance, made a nice change, but also made me wonder how better to apply it.

    Just one shiko race tonight, in a funny way I enjoy doing it. I think I might be one of those sad LARPers people post about.

    Good work on my kata for grading, though I had to take too many breaks because I was out of breath. I'm pretty confident now with all the kata for the grading, Sensei pointed out a couple of bits for me to concentrate on in order to perform the techniques better.

    But I'm enjoying it.

    Hopefully I will go to TKD tomorrow, I have been pretty terrible with my attendance and I need to improve, my fitness will never get better if I keep ducking out. And I like TKD.
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    Good training tonight. Trying a new technique for the start of class, didn't really get the hang of it properly, will learn it for my next grading though.

    Went through my kata for grading, was a back to square one kind of session. I did get many good pointers from Sensei though, just have to hope they stuck in.
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    Passed my grading for 8th Kyu. All the guys say that that is the hardest grading so I'm glad it's done. Classes start again on the 6th of Jan, looking forward to it!
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    Well done.
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    Congratulations! :)
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    I got a job. Unfortunately I am working 3pm to 12 am Monday to Friday. So it looks like training is on hold for now until I can find something on the weekend, my instructor said that there is a Daito Ryu class on a Sunday in Frimley. Will have to keep investigating until I find something, ideally some type of Jujutsu.
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    Congratulations on the job! Bit of a shame about the hours clashing with some of the other stuff you want to do, but it's all part of a longer term goal, right? Are there any gyms near you that run day time classes? Get one in before work?
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    That job was a load of old baloney.

    So I quit that job, looked for another job, found another job. And I think it's another load of old baloney.

    So I'm signed off work by my GP.

    He's given me 2 weeks so far, but I have an appointment on the 16th with some other doctor.

    But, besides that.

    I'm still attending Ninniku's Dojo.

    And I will also go to a seminar in London on the 21st I think it was. I think Kojima Makoto is the Sensei in attendance. So I will go to meet up with Ninniku and then we'll go to the Seminar.

    Looking forward to it.

    And. I guess that I'm trying to find a much better job, but I'm not quite good enough at making a decent compromise. so, I'm trying to get help to outline my knowledge and skills, but it's all a bit of a tangled mess.

    I'm ok though. Still going.

    My FB address is still on my Info. Panel.

    Ninniku has been putting up some pictures and videos so if you take a look you can see some pictures of me.
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    Back in my special hiding place again. I'm not quite right. I'm still going but my body is weak and my mind is rusty.
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    I'll still feel ok.
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    Sectioned but still haven't commited any crimes that I know of.
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    Tribunal in 4 days. Wish me luck please, although I think I already have luck on my side.
  15. Mitch

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    Best of luck fella and we're thinking good thoughts for you :)

  16. LemonSloth

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    Good luck buddy, wishing you good health and fortune :)
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    Best wishes. Hope things improve for you soon.
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    Best wishes from me too.
  19. Simon

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    Thought this may make you smile.

    Good times.

    MAP Meet 2013.jpg
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    Thank you all for the positive messages.

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