Important announcement from Grand Tuhon Gaje and Mandala Rommel Tortal

Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by juramentado, Dec 16, 2010.

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    I think 'death match' is a term used for Western audience, GM Cacoy may have read it or been exposed to it. Because in the Philippines, people usually differentiate juego todo (duel match) and bahad (going out to kill someone)

    I'm wondering if you'd have the categories or names of the various levels of match and the number of the levels involved. There are only 3 used in the Philippines which I am sure came from the Spanish.
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    This is such a misconception. Philippine politics, the politics of mendicancy, promotes this notion. The security apparatus also promotes this image, the strategy of containment, "it's too dangerous here, stay out for your own sake". It helps none if FMA'ers start pushing this same hype.

    So thank you for the above. I hope more people visit the Philippines.
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    My wife has walked down the road at night with our 9 month old and 5 year old got back to the hotel no problems at all as a matter of fact some local we got to know after kept an eye on her and not what people would consider friendly types. The motor bike riders who where based outside the hotel.

    I have often gone to Carbon Market with the family. Many believe it ro be too dangerous for the tourist. Maybe for those who look like victims I suppose. Been down town countless times. As a matter of fact I used to stay down town on a regular basis.

    Don't get me wrong if I walked around like a tourist with money dangling out of my pockets and dripping in expensive cameras I would attract the wrong type of people even where I was brought up as a kid in Hackney in London which can be just as dangerous as say down town LA
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    Oh, I expect you're right about that. There's no doubt that Western audiences enjoy the mystique and imagery associated with two combatants facing off for a duel to the death. Where a little critical thinking of the sort that Pat describes would explain pretty promptly why that wouldn't really be plausible.

    Not me. My experience with Western martial arts is limited to a couple of books and relatively brief forays into Western fencing (about a year and a half, in total).

    Polar Bear probably will though. Here's hoping he wanders along again soon. He's an administrator, so perhaps if we all start swearing...

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    Basically I could call what I so ( Black Eagle Society NHB Sparring ) Death Matches as with any form of full contact fighting there is a risk of death all be it minimal. Boxing can if you want be deemed a Death Match as a few boxers have died doing it.

    But many people take the term out of context simply because it sounds more glamerous to them and in their perception of things thw risks far out weigh the benefits so they themselves would never take part in such a format. Which is probably the main reason that there has only been 15 fully fledged Black Eagles in 15 years. Too many think what we do is far too dangerous. They may be right by their own perception but it's no more riskier than jumping out of a plane with a parachute.
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    Speaking of tourists, FMA is part of Philippine heritage and FMA'ers whether, Filipino or not, make up an integral part of the preservation of this certain thread of Philippine culture, which should, could tightly interlock with other threads to form the the bigger Filipino fabric. So there is a responsibility involved.

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    Nicely put.
    To quote the Pac-man after is fight with Margarito, asked why he didn't finish off his opponent: "Boxing is not for killing each other". Serious body injuries, maiming and death are all possible, but NOT the intent.
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    Onpoint, I just wanted to say thanks to you for taking an absolute cow pat of a thread and turning it into something so useful and informative.

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    :cool: Brilliant description Stuart. Well DUNG!!! :D
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    Manure quick with those puns, Peter.
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    HAHA! I think the local you got to know told them who your wife was and they stayed clear & behaved after that. :)

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