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    No agenda, looking for information and you have supplied some and more as I have asked or mentioned.

    Similar to an instructor who will supply information, and one of the reasons why looking around at various sites will get you some info and not.

    Wikipedia was something that had information that you were able to then help me with.

    I believe you have supplied me with all I really need to concern myself with...
    As I mentioned I have stumbled into a group of FMA people and am only asking or trying to supply information.

    Thanks for your help... Edit: went to a site, was quickly rewarded with information and all I had to do was read. But without your help I would not have found it as easy :)

    Another edit:
    Some of the information is very old and some is not available by hitting the link they have on their site. That is pretty typical I have noticed with websites that are not kept up. Most of the time the students help with the sites and some times they move on and the site is not kept up. :confused:

    But, still it is an insight, and more for me to read.
    Again thanks.

    Regards, Gary
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    Like I said, "an agenda". And knowingly and unknowingly I fell into this trap. :bang:
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    No again, there was no trap. To seek the truth or an honest thought, is not an agenda and if it is, that is my agenda, information and truth.

    The article that Pedro Reyes wrote was very good. I printed it out and have read it several times. Some very good points he made about tribalism.

    His comparison to the other arts was good. I don't think there is much difference between a clan and a tribe though. The Japanese were not into blood as much as they were into being in the clan (tribe).

    I liked his thought about the elimination of some of the original weapons of the tribes, such as Archery. Which I have mentioned was in the islands..The indiginous (they mention in history books) "Negrito'' had the bow and they used poisoned arrows that killed very quick even without a mortal wound.

    I have the National Geographic on cd for the period of start to 100 years later. Many aricles that are in there that are avaliable just by using the cd. Very informative.

    The Negrito, intermarried with the other groups that arrived, (that is a fact DNA proven) The people who intermarried, took up some of the weapons of the other tribe, their customs, learned or influzed there thinking, it was a two way path.

    The weapons left to them and the ability to take and use everyday implements to accomondate their need for a weapon or working tool (sword) turning a stick into a serious weapon and of course the bare hand.

    It happened in many regions not just the Philippines, it is a story that is told over and over by many cultures. You either evolved and proliferated or you died. Nothing new in the scenario.

    See, that is what I am seeking and what I enjoy, the information and the history of the culture.

    Back to the Ilustrisimo clan or tribe. They are no different than all that are around and have come before, and will be here after us. They have their difference's with who is the best and who is'nt. Does not mean much to most of us who are looking for knowledge.

    To learn from someone who is ego driven is not the best teacher I have found. It remains to be seen if someone can duplicate the abilities of the person (tatang) and with the change in laws and rules. I doubt if we will ever know who is the best with the sword again.

    Thanks again.
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    The thing is your latest posts have seem to insinuate negativity towards certain practitioner/instructor of the art. I have pointed out a few remarks already. And that is where I see an agenda especially when you have no relation to the system or instructors.
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    Really you are seeing something that is not in my mind. If you want to believe I have some ulterior motive that is your thoughts not mine.
    I really don't have the knowledge to take a stand as to who is right or wrong (if there is a right or wrong)...Again just looking for information.

    In the Inosanto system there is a similar situation of the 3 who were there with Bruce Lee. Dan Inosanto, Richard Bustillo, and Larry Hartsell. I have placed them in no particular order of preference but there is a given as to who is the senior or the one who is the umbrella (if that is ok to use). They are all part of the whole but each is still a seperate enity. If that makes sense?

    No you are mistaken, thanks for keeping it civil.


    I watched a movie last night and the last statement a town leader made who was dying said to his assailant, don't take less than 51%. In other words, you have the control.

    I believe it is a correct way to look at the situation here in Illustrisimo hierarchy, and that is the way it should be, according to what I have read of your posts. It makes sense to me anyway.

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    I just couldnt help it. i would just like to know why this hierarchy thing is always being insisted on some posts, when even a simple kid would easily understand the history of it all by just reading any ilustrisimo site.

    Whats with this hierarchy thing topic that keeps going on and on? an ilustrisimo practitioner would entertain a question from someone and then all he gets in response is a philosophical answer. and for what? its silly. then what are all the questions for if you know all the answers man. it already sounds like a broken record. if anyone wants to know the truth, then come to the PI yourself and know the details.

    if anybody here wants to know the truth, then visit the PI.

    if anybody here is from the motherland PI whos messing things up, just be a man.

    Tatang has passed on the rights of the club to mang tony. and he mostly deserves it. not only for the skills but mostly for the time spent with Tatang.

    the pillars terminology isnt about being whos legit or not, whos senior or not. its about the five who studied under tatang while being already experienced fighters and teachers when tatang took them under their wing. mostly this term was used because it is they who devotedlly brought the art to the west. but there are more students of tatang who are yet to be known. and they deserve it. they also have worked hard to preserve tatangs legacy. they too have bled for tatang.


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    I'm not sure if you are writing to me or not.
    I found out what I wanted to know.

    Go to the website and go click on Blog, nice pictures and information.
    Left hand side, has links.

    Regards, Gary
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    You've already answered your own question.It was addressed to everyone reading this topic.
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    Ok, funny how many show and then leave, to have someone show again with a low count of posts and the same profile, which is to mean, NOT...

    But as long as it is civil and informative, I am all for it.

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    youre most welcome.
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    If it means anything I believe you.

    aka Black Grass
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    It does. :)

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    So what did you mean by the low count of posts man? why do you keep going behind the bush as you always do. try saying it straight to my face for a change. you've been writting half meant posts the whole thread.
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    I look at profile's, when I mentioned the low count posts. I am saying there seems to be a high number of people who show up, post and leave. (This thread has had several of them. That is most unusual as a rule). I have noticed a large percentage here do not fill in the profile, HMMMM

    Do I try to look at all things? Yes.
    Am I aware and make it apparant?
    Your statement seems odd, but as I said, as long as it is civil that is fine.
    Many times it is in the mind of the beholder as to how it can be taken.

    Duplicity is typical on these boards.

    I try not to be like that.
    Other boards are very aware of it (Duplicity), if you don't tell who you are they take much of what is mentioned, with a grain of salt. (I have mentioned that my name is Gary Brewer many times and most who know my name BGile I have explained it many times). I have used the name or Harley Quinn in the past on other boards. But I did it as jest. Most knew who I was.

    This board seem's to be a little more relaxed and allows more leeway. That is fine as long as it is civil, as I have mentioned.

    Hope that helps.

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    Quantity v Quality

  16. Aiodan7

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    Hi Gary are on a Troll here. :D :D :D This has absolutely nothing to do with the thread or the Ilustrisimo system. Try not to get too hung up on 'low posts.' The reasons could be very simple and completely mine. I had a different username but couldn't login, so had to change my details.

    BTW, eome is a very decent and highly respectful brother from the Bahad Zu'Bu system of GM Yuli Romo.


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    Regarding profile where is yours? regarding this particular thread . Your reply's are probably in the majority, but does that make you knowledgable in Ilustrisimo? Maybe when your are increasing your posts in quantity some of us are practicing our Tatlong Bao, Equis etc... in quality.
    Aiodan 7
    It appears I am not knowledgeable in the various persons and not in the troubles or lack of troubles in the particular system we are speaking about. So I try to find out by reading and looking at locations and then asking or placing input.

    I don't think I am trolling, if it is looking for information I guess you could call it fishing if you desire. Which could be trolling I guess.

    I am an information person. I also train. I just came back from 4 hours at the school, learning more about Cabalas Serrada. Now I will add it to my knowledge. It is close to Kalis I. But not a duplicate. I find many things about the various systems to be interesting.

    It has really gone sideways (thread sorry).
    I am busy with posting of late but like I mentioned it will slow down. So now lets all pick on me :cry:

    Gary :)
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    Who's who

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