Ilustrisimo & Villabrille: KALI, Bantayan & the Pulahanes

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    Which part?
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    I would add Kali with the historical twist and all the baggage from San Fran and 70s America.

    Hence, my interest of from where and what Kali actually is--w/out the historical revisionism from afar.

    I'm not as suspicious about the Blind Princess story, since I've seen a few blind people do some pretty interesting stuff, ie. sonar, 6 sense, etc. Benefit of the doubt I'll gladly give here, the Pulahanes is the point of the Blind Princess story, IMHO.
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    I certainly wouldn't call myself a Spanish fencing expert.

    Given the assumption that the two circles on the ground are the small and big circle, the statement Mr. Largusa made about the Spanish is absolutely without merit. For instance, Ghisliero (an Italian from Bologna) wrote a treatise that has concentric circles - you can find some images of it here: (this third picture down even reminds me of the last picture of the Largusa section of Inosanto's book). The Spanish were intimately familiar with the Italians and their methods, so to say that moving on a "big circle" was a complete surprise is flat-out wrong.
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    Call yourself what you will, Tim, but base on your commentary below, you're an expert in my book:

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    Circles in Italy

    That was weird, I searched for circles and Italian fencing and came across this thread:


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