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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by WorldChampTKD, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. WorldChampTKD

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    I'm not looking to change schools or anything, but I have been kind of curious about this, because I drive 40 minutes to my class 3 times a week...What if you're like a green belt in TKD at a particular school, and you change to another school? What happens if they're with the same organization (WTF, ITF, ATA, whatever), what ahppens if they're with someone different, or if they're teaching style is a little different, then what? Start over? I'd really like to know what happens, if anyone knows, let me know ok? Thanks!
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    You never really start over when you go to a new school, but you might learn stuff differently, and will take time adjust. Anyway you might be asked to start as a white belt, but even then all your experience in the pass is still there. Is not like you really start over, just dont look at belt as a previlage, but a responsbility. Oh hummm is that your real picture on your avatar it looked my friend madilane from england. :love:
  3. booksie_girl

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    Although you will start again as a white belt, you will more than likely be accelerated through until you reach a level at which you are comfortable. While you should start again so that you learn things the way your instructior teaches, s/he should aknowlege the fact that you may have already put several years into the style. At least, that's the way my instructor works, but many relocated people can't handle being broken back to white belt and quit (or go somewhere else).
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    Thanks guys. That sounds pretty good. Yeah, thats my real picture of my instructor and I after I got my yellow belt. I'll attach the whole picture so you can see it...

  5. KickChick

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    We've had a new color belt students join up at our school which is ITF-style that have left their WTF-style schools. They've retained their ranking however because sometimes different forms are practiced between the two, they do have to learn a whole new set of forms. This can be difficult for a black belt because they then have to now learn 10 new forms... but if you're say a green belt, it would only be 4 forms.

    Every school has their own style of instruction but chances are if you are changing over from one WTF school to another you will retain your color ranking.... you will just have to adjust yourself to their style of instruction but for the most part forms and techniques will be the same.

    I would say check with the school.... but I believe you would still be a green belt!

    Nice pic!! :D
  6. Kwajman

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    My school, which I recently joined after 3 years at another school, uses the same forms. But some of the terminology is different, there are also different protocols and courtesies we ascribe to. Classes are run quite differently, but on the whole it is a GREAT experience. Good luck if you switch, by the way, GREAT PICTURE!!!
  7. Thomas

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    Depends on the school:

    At our own school, we usauly honor the ranking and get the person trained in what they need to know in our system. However, if they are from a different style, they wear their rank until we've assessed where they should be in our system and rank them accordingly. Other schools (like on eother in our area) accepts no previous training and starts everyone at white belt.

    Best bet: check out the school, maybe by calling or talking or with a free lesson and if you think you may like it, ask the master what the policy on previous rank is.

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