ICHF Clinic at Bronx Combat Hapkido Club

Discussion in 'Hapkido' started by Shihan, Jun 19, 2006.

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    The Bronx Combat Hapkido Club sponsored its first clinic today, June 18, Father's Day. What made today special was the fact that many of the participants were men, who happened to be fathers. To quote GM P "it says a lot about us, the system and our commitment to the system” As always, GM P taught simple, realistic concepts (not just techniques) for the most common self defense scenarios. Nothing fancy. Just simple techniques that can be done under stress, using gross motor skills. GM P also lectures between lessons, and he said something I thought to be very profound. Something most martial arts instructors don't take into consideration. He said that martial arts (any style) should be available to anyone that wants to learn. Not just the young and athletic, but the businessman, school teacher, bus driver, older person. As a person who comes from a traditional hapkido style, this was a refreshing change from the rigid belief that hundreds of years later, old techniques and ways of training are the tried and true way of today. It's good to know that I can teach some of these concepts and techniques to my older parents and siblings and not have them worry that they're too old to learn how to take care of themselves in a self defense situation. Again, anyone who doesn't believe in the effectiveness of CH should have their head examine and take a trial class.
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    what is someone named Shihan doing a hapkido clinic?

    sry just had to ask

    its sounds interesting though
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    It was a Great turnout for a Father's Day Sunday and the morning after the Great Budo Hall of Fame Party.

    Everyone wants to get to the fancy stuff,as we saw yesterday,concentration on the basics,use of ki energy and making the simple work for us takes us to whatever level of application we want.

    Add a little realism and man you see what simple can do,lol.

    Shihan,it was Great training with you in the seminar,it was great fun and I think we opened a few eyes for those around us about cranking it up a notch ,lol.

    Thank You and all those who turned out to make it a Great Clinic.
    (Special Thanks to the Grand Master who didn't get home till real late and will have his fathers day today)

    Thanks again Shihan
  4. Thomas

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    Congrats on a successful clinic! We were at the BUDO thing (see journal) but had to catch an early flight out. I had hoped to see you guys at BUDO but had fun despite you not being there. :)

    All the best!
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    Shihan, good buddy - the clinic was great! I enjoyed GM P's lectures very much and the "universal" (actually workbench techniques) for all other techniques.

    My wrists are still sore from Thursday night's training. See you next Tuesday.

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