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Discussion in 'Judo' started by Smitty16, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Smitty16

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    I have a few questions about Judo. I want to know if its a Combative style that you could
    use in a real situation instead of just showing off and tournments. I want to know this because
    I was to be a Navy Seal and somone told me Judo was along the lines of what they teach Seals. I was also wondering what kind of styles of martial arts it has come from. And I would like to know a little bit about its history. Thank you for your time. Bye.
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    Crossposting just makes posters CROSS.
  3. aikijudo

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    Smitty, I would not even attempt to prepare yourself for what the Navy SEALS are going to teach you. Judo may be a part of it, but only a small part. I was stationed at Coronado for several months, trust me on this.

    If you really want to prepare for the SEALS, then run as much as possible, and swim as much as possible.
  4. YODA

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    .... and lift some weights in between the running and swimming :D
  5. Jim

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    No, no, no... Swim and run while carrying weights. Then you may get somewhere. Oh yeah, how are you at holding your breath?
  6. cal_JJJ

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    Ditto, get in shape, but there are aspects of Seal training that you can’t train for. You either have the right character skills or you don’t.


    Troy San wa Coronada e toki ka? Watashi wa 1975 nen ni imasu.
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  7. Smitty16

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    Alright I see. Thanks.
  8. aikijudo

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    JIm's right, holding your breath is VERY important. Many men fail because they can't do this.

    Cal san, watashi wa 1983 nen ni imasu. Diving school desu. Hoo-rah!
  9. aikijudo

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    Master Yoda, how do we upload sound files on this thing? I started an Eddie Izzard thread and I want to upload some sound files. Help???
  10. cal_JJJ

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    Smitty; to answer your other questions.
    Judo comes from Jujitsu and was developed by Prof. Kano; history on this is easy to find on the net.

    Common styles of Judo are not combative but are competitive.
    IMHO Kick boxing and Kendo would serve you better.
    Rugby (sp?) and Water-polo (sp?) would be great team sports for your goals.

    What is your time line for entering the Seals program?

    Troy San, USN tobikomuka no USM tobikomuka imas-hita ka.
    (Yikes, please correct that attempt):)
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  11. aikijudo

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    Cal san, anata wa joudannuki desuka?
    Kudasai anata wa USM moushikikasen. Honto ni! Watashi wa USN inkyo desu. Tobiko suku-ru himatsubushi taksan desu. Smitty san jakunensha mo gumin desu.
  12. aikijudo

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    Smitty, I don't want to try to persuade you about the SEALS one way or another, but I will tell you of my experience.

    I tried out for the SEAL team during boot and I made it. But before I signed the paperwork, my Company Commander called me into his office. He seemed very angry with me and he yelled at me, a lot.

    He basically said things like, "So you want to be a SEAL?" and "Can you kill babies and women at the drop of a hat and because your country tells you to?"

    And I suppose if I had said, sir-yes-sir right away, he would have left me alone and sent me on my way. But he didn't. I hesitated. And I got a very sick feeling in my stomach at all the things he was telling me. And he knew it, so he kept at it until he changed my mind. And given hind-sight, I'm glad he did.

    I met several SEALS while I was stationed at the AMPHIB base, and they are a great bunch of guys. Incredible is a better word. I even met Charlie Taylor, a fairly famous linebacker who was going through BUDS training at the time. But, they were all a bit crazy and unpredictable too. They were the sort that were loyal to a fault, and would definitely do anything required of them.

    My morals and ethics would not allow me to do that. I believe that I would have made a great SEAL. I could swim like a fish; I was up to brown level in Judo and Jujitsu, and blue in TKD; and I just plain FELT tough. However, that was not nearly enough. I was (and still am) a very kind, loving and generous person down deep. And I didn’t want them to take that away from me.

    I would have been a good SEAL right up to the point where they ordered me to do something that was against my will. I made the right choice for me. You need to be aware of all that is expected of you, then you need to make the right choice for you. Ask yourself why you want to do this. Is it for you, for your country, or else ...?

    Being a SEAL has been romanticized through stories, TV, movies, etc., but you have to look through all that and see the SEALS for what they really are; for what they really do.

    I do wish you the best of luck and my sincere best wishes.
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  13. ns_oni

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    i read a book on someone who became a SEAL, it seemed that martial arts wasnt a very big thing, and before becoming a seal you have to become a frogman and pass huge fitness and diving tests. Sounded kind of fun with the whole "Sugarcookie" thing. Sounds like the end of training wasnt very good aikjudo, i dont see why killing infants would help. what were some of the tests like?

    Oh, and you have posted this question about nearly every martial art , stop it. :D
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