How well do you heal?

Discussion in 'Injuries and Prevention' started by StevieB8363, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Frodocious

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    Might be worth seeing a physio to get some exercises to stop things seizing up. I twisted a joint in my neck several years ago and even after physio exercises and some manipulation it still stiffens up regularly - at the time it took 6 weeks to get a physio appointment, by which time my neck muscles had stiffened up really badly (obviously not the same injury you have, but it's worth thinking about physio to prevent or limit long term problems with the area).
  2. AndrewTheAndroid

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    Had a boxers fracture a couple years ago. I did followed my doctors orders to a tee and recovered a month ahead of schedule.
  3. Anth

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    Getting an appointment to see the neck/back specialist in a couple of weeks. The physio I saw before being kicked out basically prescribed the usual MA warmup exercises and use of deep heat. Definitely no MA for me until I've seen the doc but after that I may use this as an excuse to check out an Iaido class. Not cutting corners on this one like - first injury/incident to actually scare me.
  4. Seventh

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    Hope for a speedy and full recovery Anth. Just don't push yourself!
  5. seiken steve

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    After what you've said a few weeks back I started taking sleep more seriously and I'm glad I did, ovbs tough with splits shifts but my napping ability is improving. started really enjoying getting up at dawn like you said, it creates a great rhythm and morning training/road work tends to be more productive for me.

    Nutrition, again, I follow a paleo template so I think thats not too bad, but I tend to binge real bad when I cheat, bulimic tendencies when confonted with a bread/wheat based cheat meal which can't be good long term...
  6. geezer

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    Well, to join the chorus, I'm finding that old injuries are never truly forgotten. About six weeks ago I was thrown down hard by "Tiny". Prolly not too smart for an old guy like me to grapple with a guy who outweighed me by 125 lbs. Anyway that, combined with the stress and lifting of my day job apparently pushed me over the edge. The MRI showed a 100% herniation of the S2 disk and some damage to L5. What all that meant to me was a lot of pain and some loss of function/strength in my right leg.

    According to my Spinal Doc and Physical Therapist, "healing" has its limits in cases like this. In fact gradual degradation can often occur. They say I should forget Martial Arts and focus on getting to the point where I can enjoy nice evening walks 'round the neighborhood with my wife. I still have yet to meet with a neurosurgeon and get his take on the matter.

    So grappling and sparring may be out from here on. I'm restricting myself to WC, especially Chi Sau (at it's most compliant and unrealistic) and benign excercises like pull-ups and dips that don't stress my back. And of course my PT, which even with insurance is costing me about $130 a week (on a teacher's salary!!!). My dream of someday becoming an old fart who could actually kick some serious **** has been set aside for now. But I'm not ready to give up MA completely either. Time will tell, I guess.
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    Hello. Back from vacation. Although other countries call it a "holiday", which I find strange.

    Injuries can heal, but the discomfort from certain types continue to arise.

    I wonder how boxers feel later in age

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