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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Hatto7065, Feb 18, 2014.

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    I have got a question regarding an incident that happened earlier today and I am just looking for a little advice.

    ---In short--- How would an experienced boxer attack me with limited space, what is the best sort of defence against an aggressive boxer, what are some of the telegraphic signs that a boxer would show if he was serious about attacking me? what would you do in this situation as both the attacker and the defender.

    ----Long explantion below---

    First of ill tell you a little about myself and it may explain my current mindset on the issue.

    I am a 21 year old guy and started training tkd at the beginning of my teens before moving into mma mainly Muay thai and Bjj and have tried my hand at a little JKD. I have been out of training for a while due to a back injury but am hoping to return to full health shortly. I am currently working to get an SIA badge and may possibly attempt working nightclubs and similar venues.

    Earlier today during my journey home I asked a question reguarding some young kids causing trouble at the back of the bus. For some reason the man took my question offensive and started to try and act intimidating and began smoking on the bus and then to my disbelief snorted a line of coke in front of a bunch of school kids.

    He then made a remark about him being a boxor and was mumbling other things. I started to feel rather agitated by the guy who must have been around 25-28 years old. After noticing some of the guys body language i started preparing for the guy to attack me or initiate some sort of fight. To which the guy asked me if i was ****ed off. I replied with a no im good mate and thats where the conversation ended.

    I can imagine my that my anger started to show to the guy and I looked away from him in order to try not to aggravate the situation more (which now i realise was a stupid decision). My question is how would somebody deal with a boxer in this situation ? I personally believe that this sort of person brings shame on the art of boxing and i know my boxing skills are my weak point which is why i posted this question here in the presence of people with far greater boxing skills.

    I know that if I do attempt any work on the doors of nightclubs it is highly likely given my town that i will encounter people with similar habbits and mindsets. What is the best course of action for this sort of encounter. How would an experienced boxer attack me, what is the best sort of defence against an aggressive boxer, what are some of the telegraphic signs that a boxer would show if he was serious about attacking me?

    I understand there are many varied answers and im not looking for one answer or solution to my problems I just wonder what people think during that situation and hope that some of you could share your experience and thoughts on this.
  2. Dan93

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    Bets are he was bluffing and had none or little formal training. In a scenario like this or on the door you are more likely to be set up verbally so train to look for those rather than seeing it from the perspective of a sparring match. Would not let someone get in my face and would hold a full or semi fence position and if I could not deescalate I would look to pre-emptively strike and escape or tie them up dependant on the situation.


  3. hardball

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    Never box a boxer. Don't let him sucker punch you. You mentioned Bjj. I would consider taking the boxer to the ground. He would be out of his element. A double leg take down comes to mind. Did you see Randy Couture fight the Pro boxer James Toney? Randy took him to the ground immediately. Of course this strategy is no good if the boxer is with his mates and you are alone. Looking forward to other responses. Did I mention, don't let him sucker punch you?
  4. Dan93

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    Bare in mind he plans to work the doors do needs to be mindful he doesn't end up on a assault charge, if he us working the doors he should have some backup but descalation is key here
  5. Pretty In Pink

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    Clinch man. Assuming the whole preemptive part doesn't work.
  6. shootodog

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    Verbal judo.
  7. belltoller

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    How does one cut a clean line on a moving bus ?!?:thinking:
  8. Hannibal

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  9. Smitfire

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    Wait what..they have buses in Doncaster now!?
    I thought it was still horse and cart?

  10. Hannibal

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    Whoah! Whoah! Horse AND cart???

    What is this witchcraft of which you speak?
  11. belltoller

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    Not the sort of scene I'd envision on a schoolbus in South Yorkshire
  12. Hannibal

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    East Yorkshire possibly.....
  13. belltoller

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    Oh...well, that explains it
  14. Hannibal

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    No I meant you would see that in East Yorkshire....well Hull as that's the place I have the most experience with (5 years in fact)
  15. ap Oweyn

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    I'm having a hard time picturing a skilled boxer smoking and doing lines of coke. Not that I think boxers are necessarily paragons of virtue. Depends on the person. But to keep up the training regimen required to be a "skilled boxer," you need to be fit. The kind of fit that generally precludes, oh I don't know, illicit narcotics.

    Maybe I'm being naive. I'm sure we could find some pros who abused various things. But I agree that this guy was probably just blowing smoke. And other things. (Literally as it turns out.)

    To answer your question more generally, my guess is that a boxer is going to telegraph his intent to throw down the same way anyone else would. Aggressive posture. Loud verbal exchanges. Etc. Boxing doesn't really begin until the fists start flying. At that point, a skilled boxer (by definition) isn't going to telegraph a whole lot of anything. The jab is designed to be felt before it's seen. The close-range hook and uppercut are going to be well camoed by a good boxer. None of which really matters in all likelihood, because I suspect this guy is full of it.
  16. Hannibal

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    Calzaghe and hatton have both had encounters with the "Peruvian Marching Powder" and I don't think it started after they retired

    I won't even bring any JKD guys I may know of into it.......

    Cocaine and athletic skill are not exclusive - sadly
  17. dormindo

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    Wow. All I can say is wow. I've been on buses and trains in the rough parts of some rough cities and I've never seen anyone partake of anything stronger than alcohol on them.

    Of course, I've ridden with plenty of people who must've done their lines of coke and rocks of crack prior to boarding.
  18. Grass hopper

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    Personally, if I where fighting a boxer in an open area, I'd keep my distance with kicks and be really loud. In an enclosed area, I'd clinch, throw, and stomp.

    Anything to ovoid punching range, without gloves a good boxer will tear you up given a little opening.
  19. philosoraptor

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    I'd call the police. I pay taxes dammit, I don't have to be a ninja all the time.
  20. Hannibal

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    Generic terms: Close a boxer down - anything else and you will lose

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