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Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by calidris, May 4, 2007.

  1. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    Bells or Belts? :)
  2. Chado

    Chado New Member

    Belts...o_o I can't believe I did such a mistake.
  3. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    lol... it happens.. I actually thought I was missing something, had this image of dudes in gi's with bells hanging on them making a jingling sound as they moved.. :)
  4. Cathain

    Cathain Lily Lau Gar

    Aaaaahhh, Belt.
    That's far less bizarre than being given a silver bell :)
  5. john sargeant

    john sargeant Banned Banned

    Ive been practicing an internal martial arts in australia call yang mian. Its a type of internal kung fu, with no wasted movements or forms. you can attack from any angle with devastating power. they have a course called steel hand. Ive been training for about 4-5months now, 3-4days per week and 1 day with my trainer. I started out doing chi exercises and hitting a canvas bag filled with rice then switched to mung beans. my trainer has recently moved states and i was wondering if anyone knows what progression comes next?
    with iron palm you move on to gravel and than steel shots but you use dit da jow to heal your injury's , i was told in the yang mian system it is different to iron palm training because with this internal stlye you dont need dit da jow or liniments because the blood flow and oxygen heals your hands from the chi exercises (spinning arms) internally.
    I want to move on to the next level because i have crushed the mung beans. But i dont want to damage my hands, does anyone else do internal conditioning such as this stlye??
    You can check out there website its
  6. Angelus

    Angelus Waiting for summer :D

    just under 4 years of kung fu
  7. sg516

    sg516 Without ME its just AWESO

    I did N. Shaolin for about 2 years and then got married and moved and now i have been doing hung fut for about 2.5 years and i am moving out of the country in about 5 months. i am starting to get depressed about leaving my school now. hopefully i will make my way back there again before i am old.
  8. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    Continuing your training after you leave will be a the biggest compliment you could give your coach.
  9. sg516

    sg516 Without ME its just AWESO

    for sure. the real trouble is that i will have to stop doing hung fut when i move. except to practice what i already know. and for three years in japan it will be almost impossible (from what i understand) to find any kung fu schools not that i want to change styles again. When i get back from japan, i might (more than likely will) be on the west coast and there are no hung fut schools there. but i'm thinking of doing judo in japan and i can't plan any further than that.
  10. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    Judo would be a solid choice, especially with your wrestling background. If you do that, it probably won't interfere with your Hung Fut stuff. Additionally, you never know who's gonna be in Japan. Things may open up for you when you get off the plane.
  11. pakuazhangkid

    pakuazhangkid New Member

    I practise Pa-Kua Zhang...

    I started Pa-Kua Zhang at the begging of June and still going strong. I try to be disciplined, by geting up and practise at 5am and then again at 5pm for a few hours twice a day.
  12. Second

    Second New Member

    I started with Tae Kwon Do when I was about 10 for 3 years, left because I am ADHD and ended up kicking my brothers ass. <_<
    As an adult, I drifted through a few places of different martial arts, but nothing stuck until I started doing Hung Fut. Did it for around 2 years before my life drifted from martial arts to my (then) girlfriend. Rejoined a year later, only to leave because I enlisted in the navy. 6 months later and I'm looking at going back!
  13. Bossn1nj4

    Bossn1nj4 New Member

    I started with Kyukishinkai Karate when I was a kid for about 3 years. Been doing internal and external CMA for around 10-11 years.
  14. memmek10k

    memmek10k Valued Member

    I've been doing Wing chun for about 4 weeks now
  15. Riker

    Riker New Member

    Been in martial arts 16 years, in Hung Gar for 11 of those but only studied it two years when my instructor left Memphis for a job in Seattle, so now I practice my Hung Gar and Kali (9 years) with various 'martial arts buddies' when I can wrangle them into practicing.

  16. Darryl

    Darryl Valued Member

    Hi all,
    Started Judo in 1972, moved onto Karate ( Kyokushinkai ) then Kung Fu, and stayed with it ever since.
    Also trained in many other Martial Arts along the way but always stayed with the Kung Fu and just enjoyed the other's as extra training, but loved it all along the way as I met and trained with many many top teachers of their Arts.
    Kung Fu - Many Masters here and China (Many Styles). Main influence though Grandmaster Chee Soo and Sifu Derrick Williams(Fung Sau)
    JKD Kali - Dan Inosanto, Bob Breen.
    Ju jitsu -Gordon Warfield ( Trad- not modern)
    Muay Thai -Master Sken.
    Silat - Richard De Boards. Jak Othman.
    TKD - Many Top fighters of TAGB.
    Karate - Howard Collins.
    Tai Chi - Derek Williams, Chee Soo, Master Lliang and all at Zhong Ding.
    Deepest respect to all mentioned and the many, many I have not.
    Also respect to all I have enjoyed fighting over the years in all rules.
    I love the Arts, but have still so much to learn and so little time to learn them!!! But love training and trying to better myself every day...though I'm still crap! LOL
    Oh! I'm feeling old LOL.

    :hat: Peace to all and keep smiling on the outside and the inside!
  17. old guy

    old guy New Member


    l am new to this site and l noticed theres some members in there fortys. l have been involved for over 50 years in the arts. l have been doing my present style for almost 40 years as a disciple of cheung sui-man whos sifu was ng nam ging whos sifu was cheung lai cheun. before l did hung gar and wu tai chi from shanghai . as a 73 year old l have seen many changes not all good.
  18. futsaowingchun

    futsaowingchun Banned Banned

    I'll add my two cents

    I've been training in M.A. for 25 years.With a few years off here and there trying to find new teachers. I've studied mostly Fut sao Wing Chun and some Yip man style Wing Chun.
  19. ChukaSifu2

    ChukaSifu2 Valued Member

    Chuka(ChuGar) Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, 25 years this winter.
    Tae Kwon Do, International & World - Shotokan Karate - Chung Mu Quan & a mix of others prior to this system.
  20. shaolin fighter

    shaolin fighter Banned Banned

    I started out in Shaolin Do when I was about 12 years old. I wised up and found a different style and teacher when I was 14. This teachers name is John Dufresne and I have been studying with him ever sense, and I'm 35 now. That makes me doing kung fu for close to 20 years I guess. Along the way I have studied a few other style here and there. I studied BJJ for a year. Akido for about a year. Hapkido for about a year. These three arts I studied while in college. When in high school I wrestled (all 4 years). I also went to 2 wrestling camps. One was Ohio State Wrestling Camp. The other one was Clarion University Wrestling Camp. At Ohio State's camp Mark Coleman was one of the instructors. He was going to school there on a wrestling scholorship. At Clarion Univ. Wrestling Camp one of my instructors was Kurt Angle. He was wrestling and going to school there so he helped out teaching at the camp. Both these great athletes taught the proper way to take an opponent down to the ground. This is all before these two became super stars.

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