How has the Pandemic Shutdown changed things for you?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Xue Sheng, Aug 18, 2020.

  1. Xue Sheng

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    Or has it changed nothing at all?

    First I should say there has been great tragedy associated with this pandemic, some of that in my family and there is likely at least one more very close, on the horizon. But there have been positive changes that I have been thinking about this morning, one I realized after dealing with multiple work e-mail issues

    What has changed.

    For me, the obvious, can't train any martial arts with anyone, got quarantined once, working from home every day later changed to work form home 3 days 2 days in the office and likely this will be going on until early 2021.

    But other unexpected changes have occurred. I really do not want to go back to work at all and I am really considering the retirement incentive, although it is likely financially unwise at this time (yup, after the email thing). I enjoy staying home and taking care of the house, helping the kids and home and away from home (one in Virginia, had a 41 minute conversation last night about his worry for his new puppy that is sick. There was great detail in the conversation about diarrhea). I actually am getting better at tolerating (understanding) Mrs Xue too. She rants, she rave, she goes off the political deep end, but I now take it all in stride where we use to argue. Basically learning how to defuse the situation, discuss the situation, or at least keep my mouth shut and shake my head more. Having a lunch every Friday with the youngest and my soon to be 90 year old mother is pretty great too.

    Also surprising, since I have no contact with martial artists outside of email, text and web, I really like thinking of myself as a martial artist again (even with my knees) and not an IT guy that dabbles in martial arts. Loving the heck out of my early stage returning to Wing Chun, and as soon as I am able I will contact my last teacher. Really not thinking at all about Xingyiquan these days, I am pretty happy with the Wing Chnu and the little Taijiquan that I can currently do. Hope to get back to Yang style and continue on with Sun style and maybe Wu/Hao style, I am pretty sure when I do actually retire, I will be teaching Taijiquan, at least a little, in my wife's TCM office. Also really enjoying my return to Yoga, albeit chair yoga, and it is helping a lot. Hopefully that will eventually change to a full Yoga routine. Found a Kripalu teacher near me, that is the style I started with in my early 30s.

    Also, unlike many staying at home, I am losing weight. I was up to about 250 lbs when this started, currently at 237.

    And, lastly, I am much more relaxed now than I was before this started and most certainly more relaxed than I was when this started.

    So it appears, at least for me at this time, there has been an upside to this pandemic it has had its downs, no doubt, but not everything was bad.

    Anyone else?
  2. john_newman

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    Obviously, the COVID-19 shutdown entirely changed the routine, I quarantine myself in the home and working from home.
    Can't go to gym to train martial arts and even can't achieve my fitness goals. I gained some unnecessary weight in the last 5 months. But now I am working out to cut it down.
  3. I did go to a local school. COVID-19 pretty much stopped that. I wasn't sure how to continue training with a group of people.
    Still looking for a training partner in my part of the US.
  5. I find it frustrating because I want to do more but I can't due to this pandemic. I did find one guy in my area who knows Wing Chun but lost track of him.

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