Holly Holm and her next opponent

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    looking forward to Holly Holms next fight. Didn't know much about her opponent Megan Anderson so I looked her up. Megan has good power as she had four straight KOs in Invicta. But Holly is on another level. Megan hasn't fought anyone on that level. And if Cyborg didn't knock Holly out I doubt Mean can unless she lands more than a few bombs.

    I wont be upset if Megan pulls off the upset, always nice to see new blood but Holly is the betting favorite for a reason.

    It is rumored Germaine De Randemie will fight the winner. Id like to see that fight. Germaine against either of them. Her fight with Holly was a great fight I thought.
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  3. Anjelica

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    Should Megan pull off the upset then I forsee money fight with Cyborg hyped up as a super fight. Its not out of the question Megan could win, Holly does have a predictable pattern, question is does Megan have the skills to exploit that like Germaine and Valentina did?
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