Hi, I do an italian medieval stick art

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    I'm an italian matial art lover. I must warn you that I'm sorry for my english. Anyway I hope You understend my messages :)
    I write here to talk to You about a defense art I do in Italy that is just unknown out of our little circle. We fight using two kind of wood sticks, with knifes and with naked hands. The origins of our art is medieval.

    I spend all day in an IT department and two days a week I drive 60Km for stick combat trainig on night near Genova. This art is not yet diffused in Italy, too :(
    ...I hope talking here will promote it's spread.
    We are 10-15 people in the group, but I'm not the only fighter that must drive for a lot of miles to practice our sport, so some times we are few and we feel like a family. Every year someone leave and someone come to start this experience.

    We don't use body protecions. Our Master teaches step by step and incidents are not frequents. Sometimes they appen but we don't cry for a stick hit on a finger :eek:
    Our mission is to learn and teach this art in the same way we'd do in medieval times.

    If You think it may be interesting, please visit our web site. We are upgrading it, but a translation in english (beta version ;)) is just present.


    Thank You, GiPOCO.
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    Hi gipoco, welcome to MAP :)

    I don't think we have any other Italian stick fighters here so make yourself known in our Western Martial Arts forum :)
  3. Jang Bong

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    Pleased to meet you Gipoco :)

    Interesting link to your website - I enjoyed the video. I've done some training in my time with the 'walking stick' (or cane), and also enjoyed a couple of training sessions in the Filipino (Eskrima) style twin-stick arts.

    I'm sure that all members that swing sticks (and possibly swords - looking at some of the 2-handed use of the stick) will be happy to talk with you and find out more about the Italian outlook on stick fighting.
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    Hiya gipoco, welcome to MAP :)

    Don't worry your english is very good.
  5. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Face it all you read was Italian and Lover:rolleyes:
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    you cheeky boy!! :evil:
  7. Jang Bong

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    Gipoco - your English is very good (far better than my Italian), but I hope it's good enough to appreciate the humour of this mad lot :D
  8. gipoco

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    Wonderful !
    I hope other walking stick lovers appreciate my "not so humble" contribution here.
    We spend a tol of time trainig with the "old stick", too. It's the two hand heavyer version of the cane and it's terrible: some friends tested it on an ox leg, smashing the bone in one shot!
    Moreover our (more safe) tests showed that a challenge between the walking stick and the old stick let the little cane win almost all times. I think that fot "not so skilled" people the big one is better. For the skilled ones the walking stick is too much faster.

    Regards, GiPOCO.

    P.S. I hope I'm not off-topic here: I promise I will start talking in Western Martial Arts forum section.

    P.P.S. I LOVE all that humor in this posts: it's the best welcome for me ;)
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