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    I am a nub and i am from the U.K. I do GTUK TKD on and off and have no belt/white belt in it. I am looking for a good hybrid martial art based on self defence though. I started doing TKD last year i belive.
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    Where are you based in the UK?

    TKD has the same flaws as most martial arts systems when it comes to self defense, so simply moving away to a "hybrid" wont necessarily give you what yo need - in fact often the whole is far LESS than the sum of the parts with much of the RBSD you find

    Self Defense is far more than just physical, so make sure that is what you want before you follow that path because sometimes people focus so much on that they miss a lot of fun along the way.

    TKD will get you fit, you will have fin and as it has competitive aspects to it it will even give you a (moderately) pressure tested skillset
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    I am based in the east midlands (Lincolnshire).I do kind of border another county though and a city, i have just exhausted all the styles but Karate&Boxing in my town. Im kind of looking at the ones which go through fitness and the methods of defending yourself and the legal and such. TKD and the others seem more duelling kind of thing, its lucky i have opted to do it more fo fitness and sport.

    (just note i am new to martial arts and have only really been exposed to TKD IRL, i ahve rea dup on diffent styles and watched videos and things)
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    Because i didnt ask in agood way, i will leave a comment detailing it.

    I do GTUK TKD, and i am looking for something more self-defence orientated. Both Long and short range attacks, weapons are fine. I would prefer practical weapon training though so knives and short sticks over spears and swords. (generally interested anway). I would maybe like something which can keep me fit and maybe to persue it as a sport (lss important than combat and SD) I need something which is good if you cannot consistently attend every month and may somtimes take a semi long time away and also something which gives a good base quickly and does simple and effective techniques. Obviously i need grappling skills as well. Also as a result i cannot travel that far as i have no personal transit.

    I dont mind TKD, if it was not pattern orientated and gave a good quick starter base which i can use to defend myself rather than use to duel someone, thats my prime issue with it, enthisis on patterns and not self defence.
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    I recommend doing a self defense coarse like S.P.E.A.R.

    This will introduce you to the basics of avoiding, evading, and controlling physical violence.

    If you want something with an emphasis on the practical but that you dont have to do all the time. I would suggest boxing.

    As for weapon deference, knives etc. For self defense in the UK. The advice is simple - NEVER CARRY A WEAPON.

    Also - do not attempt to learn unarmed defense against a knife. There are people on this board with law enforcement roles who train how to deal with encountering a knife on a regular basis. They will tell you that knife defenses are difficult, dangerous, must be practiced regularly against an actively fighting opponent and are frighteningly difficult to do.

    as a beginner your best chances of surviving a knife fight come from running and talking your way out of it. If you must fight, use skills that you train regularly, e.g. don't go for the knife with an defense you have only practiced a few times. You are likely to make a mistake ,get stabbed in the torso, and die. just block the blade with your fore arm, get injured, but at the same time punch the attacker with the other hand. Hope that you dont bleed to death, hope that you knock the attacker out, or down so that you can stomp on them, hope that the surgeons can put your arm back together.
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