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    The best TKD sites for beginers and refreshers

    All of these sites have helped me a great deal in recent months
    Lots of basics, weapons, breaking tournaments etc
    Taegeuk Patterns 1 ? 8 Palgue Patterns 1 ? 8 W.T.F. Black Belt Patterns,I.T.F. Patterns (Chon-Ji Patterns) Shotokan Patterns Other Patterns
    TAEKWONDO ITF Tul Kukkiwon (WTF) Poomse HAPKIDO
    (Includes supplemental forms)
    (*) Not standard TangSooDo forms. These were created by Master McHenry as advanced basic forms with added kicks to supplement the standard basic (Kee-Cho) forms. & Weapons
    Basic Commands, Phrases and Terms
    Stances, Schools & Styles
    Salutations, Names & Titles
    Blocks & Strikes
    Directions & Body
    Kicks & Techniques
    Sparring & Weapons
    Korean Language Overview
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    hi everyone, can anyone tell me where i can get full korean tiger demos? not from youtube, i cant find it anywhere, including torrent file, also cant find the dvd/cd version at my place & since i dont have credit card, i cant buy it online, poor me..

    if anyone already have it, hope u can upload it to rapidshare/sendspace,etc tq very much..
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    Tul Facts

    I started making a free list of facts about the ITF Chang Hon Pattern Set. The link is in my signature. It might be helpful to anyone revising for gradings.
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    Could anyone advise on videos of to up to date WTF patterns? I'd like to practice at least 1-3 before returning to a club :)


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