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    The site is weird. They appear to be wearing ITF uniforms and the picture on the wall is General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of the ITF. At first I thought the man demonstratging the spear finger break was the General's son, Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa but its not. Its Grand Master Sun Duk Choi. Plus from watching their form videos they use broken rythem (an older form of sine wave), instead of modern sine wave. I had also thought that Master Nunez was the highest ranking ITF master in Arizona. I would be interested to hear about the affiliation of that school and its history, or to discover that I am completely mistaken in various areas.
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    It is is fact GM Sun Duk Choi.. (I can see where you could be mistaken)

    I don't believe he is an ITF master but has created his own association ..... Arizona Tae Kwon Do Association
    Go to main page to learn more!

    Here is a list of ITF Masters where you will indeed find Master Nunez listed
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    Kickchick, I think you repeated most of what I said. Interestingly GM Choi (a very common Korean name. I have heard of up to 5 Grandmasters with that name) toured with General Choi for a time. The picture in the background of the breaking videos is definately General Choi thogh. My bet is that GM Choi founded the school before organizations were big on assimilation (like when the General encouraged Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee to call his style TKD without forcing him to join ITF) but he stayed loyal to General Choi. That, or perhaps it was an ITF school until political strife caused it to break away. If anyone knows the actual story I would love to hear it.
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    .... Also note that I have added some new links to the original thread (highlighted in red) :)
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    hello! i haven't seen this one yet, it is brilliant for philosophy of tae kwon do and much much more!!!
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    Wtf Tkd Demo???

    Hi all, this is my frist time using this site. I just want to say that it is great that you all are so dedicated to TKD. I train in WTF TKD, and love the sparring and demonstration part of it. If you tkd lovers out there are interested in breaking, self-defense, and other demonstration aspects, check out my team (Team-M Taekwondo) at . There are lots of video clips on the site so I hope you all will enjoy, and for new tkd students I hope these videos will provide you more knowlege and interest in tkd. -TKD RULES!!!-

    San Jose, CA-USA
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    As I had mentioned.... since this thread is over a year old, you may find an ocassional dead link.

    Tks.... I removed that one from the original post :)
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    good job :) thanx :)
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    Does anyone know a site with a video demonstration of the ITF pattern So-Sin? I've recently taken to studying all the forms whenever I'm bored in a lecture, and as the forms progress throughout the ranks the applications I come up with get more and more painful. So I think I can make So-Sin pretty evil - but I can only get my hands on (for free) written descriptions, which tend to be a bit vague.

    It seems like all the sites I've been through so far have all the patterns apart from So-Sin on them!
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    Very difficult to locate vids online for advanced rank hyungs including 5th dan "So-San" ;)

    Suggest you purchase the ITF video collection of BB patterns if you're serious about studying those forms ahead of time
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    Yeah, I guess I'm slightly ahead of time :D

    Cheers for the advice KC, I'll think about purchasing some ITF stuff.

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