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Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by Mr Hatfield, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Mr Hatfield

    Mr Hatfield Valued Member

    Hello right now im working on some stuff with the hearing impaired for Good self defense Videos. Here is a idea goto this link thanks
    This is the newest video for hearing imparired please look this over let me know and other thanks
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZzsTgjtJv0&feature=channel_page"]YouTube - Hapkido TV for Deaf[/ame]

    this one is for some other stuff to help thanks
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJPl760PrbE&feature=channel_page"]YouTube - Hapkido TV Redirect Shoulder Head[/ame]

    I plan on working with the blind and other kind of issue people have in helping them understand how to use good self defense

    Please let me know how I and others can make this even better!!

    Ty Hatfield
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  2. Patrick Smith

    Patrick Smith Tustom Cuser Uitle

    Bravo, you're doing great work. :)
  3. Mr Hatfield

    Mr Hatfield Valued Member

    Thank you patrick360!!
  4. MatsunoCj

    MatsunoCj Jujitsu rookie

    good job, good video
  5. Mr Hatfield

    Mr Hatfield Valued Member

    Please when going to the sites leave a comment so we can further our hope in making the best defense
    send email to contact@hapkidotv.com

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  6. Joseph1608

    Joseph1608 Valued Member

    Great work!! But I don't know why you could have just used subtitles.
  7. Mr Hatfield

    Mr Hatfield Valued Member

    Question could or should only use subtitles? That is a good question but we are really trying to reach out to everyone, so we work with the Deaf we ask them what do you what or need us to do. They expressed the want and need to sign. So we are doing the best we can and always want to do better thanks for the advice.

  8. Joseph1608

    Joseph1608 Valued Member

    I would use them in addition to the sign language.
  9. Mr Hatfield

    Mr Hatfield Valued Member

    In class talked about sub titles and really came to a good idea wanting to make sure that would get done in Addition to Sign.

    If you or anyone knows really good things that make sub titles please let me know.

    Ty Hatfield
  10. Joseph1608

    Joseph1608 Valued Member

    I think windows movie maker is a good one, or you can just use the annontations on youtube for subtitles.
  11. Mr Hatfield

    Mr Hatfield Valued Member

    Told Master Allen thank you so much.


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