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    I'm a 46 year old guy from Western Canada, that didn't start martial Arts until 4 years ago. I've dabbled in a bunch of things, trying to find what I think is the "right path" for me to follow. I started at a WMA sword class, looking to find something physical to do, that I would go back to. Going to a gym and picking things up and putting down, or paying someone to tell me to do pushups never appealed to me. 4 years later, and 70 pounds lighter, I've gone to "Modern Combatitives/Self Defence," and have tried some Judo, Iaido, Systema, Aikido, FMA, KAPAP, and Martial Blade Concepts, and now am taking baby steps into JKD.

    I wind up doing a lot of solo practice, and figuring out stuff on my own. I'm certainly no expert in anything, just a guy trying to be better.
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    Welcome Hazzard :)
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    Welcome aboard :)
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    Welcome to MAP :)
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    Welcome to MAP!
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    LOL, I think you'll find that a lot of us followed a similar path! :D
    And there are several knowledgeable escrima and JKD'ers on MAP.
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    Welcome to MAP! :)
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    Did you stick with the WMA? If so, which arts did you study?
  11. Hannibal

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    Full disclosure....

    Hazzard is a new found friend of mine who recently started training with me on Fridays

    He trained - and continues to do so - at The Forge here in Calgary, which is also home to Langenschwert :)

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    Then he is in good hands.

    Welcome aboard, Hazzard.
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    welcome to map
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    I did German Longsword and Messer for 3 years. Our club still trains it, but I decided to move on to things that were a little more "practical." I didn't see that I was ever going to get into a sword fight in the street. (Dammit.)

    That, and our club turned towards being more competitive in tournaments, rather than the martial arts, so it became a bit like "sword tag."
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    Well done on the massive weight loss :) Kudos!

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