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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Zeek805, Jan 24, 2017.

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    I'm looking to purchase a heavy bag to be used outdoors. Due to space issues, I probably cannot fit a hanging bag. So, I'll need to get a free standing heavy bag.

    Does anyone have experience with any particular bags? I am 6'0, around 190 lbs.

    I'm worried about the height of a free standing bag, and the fact that when you kick such bags, they tend to move. Any suggestions or tips are welcome!

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    Assuming i know what one of them is. They do stands to put heavy bags on and sometimes they are dual purpose and let you put a speed bag on it as well. But for my case i just have one hanging off a swing frame. I found one on Argos i think, i cant remember. But hopefully it helped. (edit) I was referring to a hanging bag, not a standing one. I was looking at the stands but they were like £200-300. So a ghetto solution was had with the swing frame. I have not used s standing up bag, i don't have the space for that type either.
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    So I'm 6'0 and ~285lb.

    I was 315lb when I got my heavy bag.
    I got an outslayer 6' cloth-filled 150lb Thai bag with a stand (stand supports up to 350lb). They custom fit the stand to my 7.5' ceiling.
    It was expensive (~$750 all in).

    I'm quite pleased with it though. I've had it a few years now, it has maintained shape well, still has great texture/resistance (not too hard, not too soft), etc.

    My only complaint is that when I am practicing push kicks or certain combos with roundhouse kicks thrown in, the bag may impact some bolts rather hard.

    - Along the bottom legs of the stand there are a few bolt heads sticking up. If the bag swings off to the side (only happens if I'm throwing many combos without settling the bag between them; even my hardest roundhouse when the bag isn't moving already won't swing it far enough to impact those bolts), it can impact those bolts.

    - Along the spine of the stand, if I execute the push kick well enough to get the bag to slam vertically into the spine (contacting along its whole 6' length) vs at an angle where only a small part of the bag would touch the spine, it impacts into the head of a bolt sticking out of the spine.

    Over years I would expect this to rip the bag up a bit. Its been ~1.5 years and I haven't seen any wear and tear from this though (I do try to minimize it).
    I should probably find some rubber material or something to cover the bolt heads with to minimize damage though.

    I would recommend against free standing bags; I only have experience with the cheaper end of them though. They are harder to work with IMO than hanging bags.

    If you don't need as much weight as I'm using, you can probably find a decent combo bag + stand much cheaper than I did.

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