Have you heard of Seiki-Juku?

Discussion in 'Karate' started by thepunisher, Jun 25, 2005.


Have you heard of Seiki-Juku Karate, Frank Perry or the UKSKO ?

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  1. sufi

    sufi New Member

    Wow what a phenomenal thread.

    I've read through all the 54 pages in the past hour.

    Kudos to the OP (thepunisher/Christian) and everyone who contributed to it, it made fascinating reading and gave an insight into how friendly everyone is and how you helped each other out. Like a good book I could not stop reading, wondering how the thread would end. :bow1:

    Shame it has gone silent - I guess people have moved on or are people still active here on MAP?

    I found the thread via :google: while looking into information about Seiki Juku.

    A couple of useful pointers for those not familiar with Seiki Juku.

    Seiki Juku translates literally as "True spirit"
    Official Seiki Juku association website (now called "bu-sen") - http://www.bu-sen.co.uk/
    History of Seiki Juku including mentions of Butokukwai - http://www.bu-sen.co.uk/busen-history/
    Karate Syllabus (10th Kyu to Nidan) - http://www.bu-sen.co.uk/karate/syllabus/
    Spillard Karate is run by Sensei Ben and Sue Spillard and represents the clubs that they are associated with - http://seikijukukarate.com/

    I've joined the UKSKO (United Kingdom Seiki-Juku Karate Organisation) with the family and have been training for about 9 months. As many more experiences karateka have commented, the teaching is delivered in an excellent open learning environment with real enthusiasm with everyone eager to help each other out. We leave the classes regularly believing that we have just had the "best class ever".

    If you are still active here on MAP it would be good to get in touch and to learn about some of people that drive this great club. I would very much like to hear from you!


  2. Dr Vilches

    Dr Vilches New Member

    One more old timer..

    Osu!... hi all.

    Just came across this and wanted to chime in.

    I trained in Seiki Juku with Sensei Eddie Batstone back in the early to late 80s.
    We had a large dojo in Sudbury Hill back then and also trained in several other places around West London (e.g. Willesden).

    Our gradings were always at the Busen under Frank Perry's watchful eye but the truth is I never felt any connection to it or him. My karate began and ended with Eddie and when he chose to move away from UKSKO, for political reasons I think, I lost all interest. I did try to get back into it at the Busen years later but it felt very different to what I had been used to, seemed far more commercial / less traditional, so I left. Since then I've tried a number of things: jujitsu (very effective), Kyokushinkai (a short spell while I lived in the Midlands), five ancestor kung-fu (very interesting) , shorinji kempo (strange.. couldn't get used to it) and have recently restarted karate at a Goju Ryu club in Hanwell, West London.

    Seiki Juku, as I knew it, was a mix of Kyokushinkai + some Goju Ryu, with great emphasis on dropping an opponent with a single blow if possible so we did a lot of semi-contact sparring and were all driven to compete. Training was quite heavy (I remember doing many sets of 50 pushups / situps during 'warm-up') and breaking was part of the curriculum, starting with a brick at 3rd kyu, if I remember correctly.

    I can safely say that is was the most useful thing I ever did. As a shy, spotty faced, estranged teenager, that club gave me a sense of family that nothing else has equalled and I loved every minute of it. But all good things come to an end.

    The point I'd like to make is that the style and its founders are important to some degree but the most important thing is the people around you and the warmth you get when training with them. That is what I remember best.

  3. Stocky

    Stocky New Member

    Hi all,

    Late to the party as usual, just thought I’d chime in my 2 cents here. Great thread and was great to hear everyone’s thoughts of their training and style, read all the great input.

    I’ve trained under the Seiki Juku style under Alan and Sue Spillard since 4 originally then came back about 12 years old and have been training around the Twickenham/Tolworth areas on and off since then (26 now!).

    My favourite thing about the style is like others have said the mix of traditional Japanese karate and the family feel of the Dojo and still love training regularly to this day.

    Would be good to hear if any Seiki Juku members are on the map or still training? So let us know your club, grade and overall experiences of the style?
  4. Daniel Roberts

    Daniel Roberts New Member

    wow long time hearing those names..................trained out of hounslow getting 1st dan in a brutal grading ................think i should re start again
  5. vishwaskar6

    vishwaskar6 New Member

    I think sempai Ben is 2nd (must be coming up to 3rd soon!) - he was last in the teenager's line-up!
  6. vishwaskar6

    vishwaskar6 New Member

    I’ve trained under the Seiki Juku style under Alan and Sue Spillard since 4 originally then came back about 12 years old and have been training around the Twickenham/Tolworth areas on and off since then (26 now!).

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