Have you heard of Seiki-Juku?

Discussion in 'Karate' started by thepunisher, Jun 25, 2005.


Have you heard of Seiki-Juku Karate, Frank Perry or the UKSKO ?

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  1. thepunisher

    thepunisher Banned Banned

    Hey there all,

    Just wondering how many, outside of the UK and in Europe and the US have actually heard of the style of Karate I'm currently doing, meaning "Seiki Juku" Karate or UKSKO, as is the abbreviation used in MA's magazines in Tournaments ? And if you have, how did you hear about it and through what medium ?


  2. JohnnyX

    JohnnyX Map Addict

    "No" seems to be winning 'big style'. :p

  3. kroyman

    kroyman New Member

    Of course!

  4. Slindsay

    Slindsay All violence is necessary

    I've heard of the style before reading this thread but only because you used it in the title for another thread!! Actually I have heard of it before but I know sod all about it.
  5. thepunisher

    thepunisher Banned Banned

    I can provide you with this link...

    ..to find out a bit more about it: www.bu-sen.co.uk Its our official club web site. I spoke to someone in the club at one point and they told me our karate is related to another full-contact karate style as our chief instructor based it on it. As far as the Name Seiki-Juku, it stands for "True Spirit". And our chief instructor is Frank Perry, 7.th Dan, who is a four-times European karate champion and best known for breaking ice for charity. If you ever come across the video "Ice break" (it was distributed across Europe in the 70's)i features him breaking nine blocks of ice.

  6. Falcore

    Falcore almost acceptable

    It's a Kyokushin offshoot isn't it?

    Breaking ice for charity eh? Solid.
  7. thepunisher

    thepunisher Banned Banned

    Yes, its derrived from Kyokushin...

    Yes Falcore, so much as I know its derrived from Kyokushin. Franks sensei was Kaoru Mishiku, a pioneer in bringing MA's to Britain, and he earned his first black belt in his Anglo-Japanese School.

    Yes, the ice are square blocks and in the video he breaks nine at a time. In our dojo we have pics of him breaking up to three. I've never seen him do this himself but our sensei (Caroll David, 4.th Dan)and sempai Steve (1.st Dan)can break up to three 1-inch wooden boards at a time. Sensei Caroll even while talking to us at the same time :). I'm not sure if the photo of Frank Perry is in the gallery yet but check it out....

  8. WotEvaYuKanDo

    WotEvaYuKanDo Valued Member

    Interesting. Reading the post above I'm not clear who started the style, was it Kaoru Mishiku, Frank Perry or someone else? Google-sensei only knows about the UK org.
  9. WotEvaYuKanDo

    WotEvaYuKanDo Valued Member

    BTW How to fake a big ice break

    Talk of ice breaks reminds me, I once heard these are very easy to fake. You cleanly slice the ice, smear the join with oil, push the two halves back together and refreeze it around the edges. If you are lucky you have an invisible join with just a weak seal round the edge... easily smashed!
  10. thepunisher

    thepunisher Banned Banned

    Well, so much as I know Frank Perry took over....

    ..the Anglo-Japanese School from Kaoru Mishiko after he died. And I think he changed the Name then to "Busen" and the style to Seiki-Juku. But I'm myself not sure there as we only get a limited history of the style at our dojo. I take most from a Grading Syllabus that we can get there.

    Concerning the ice break: I saw the video and believe me those ice blocks were solid with no refreezing process used. They even show how they get measured off before delivery. And Frank also breaks a solid stone in the video. I have myself only ever broken a 1-inch wood board so I can't tell you how much truth is behind the technique of breaking those ice blocks...or how he does it.

  11. prowla

    prowla Valued Member

    I'm a 1st Kyu in Seiki-Juku, and train in Bracknell, Tolworth, and Kew.
    My three boys (aged 11, 8, 6) also train, and the eldest is going for his black belt in a couple of weeks.
    I think the Ice Break video is now for sale at the Bu-sen (in Twickenham).
  12. thepunisher

    thepunisher Banned Banned

    Hello to a fellow seiki-juku karate member on map

    Hey, nice to meet another fellow seiki-juku member on here. I myself train at the Busen under sensei Carol and there is another girl on here (member karate princess), who also is a 1.st Kyu in our style. Not sure though in which dojo she studies.

  13. Mufty

    Mufty New Member

    I have not heard of your style sorry.
  14. Owen

    Owen New Member

    I have heard of it, well not just heard of it as i do it :cool: I wouldn't worry I swear no-one has heard of it apart from the people who do it! :eek:
  15. prowla

    prowla Valued Member

    My 11-year old attempted his black belt at the summer course last week. He had to do the entire syllabus from white belt up, and then had 11 full contact fights (and they put in Sensei Ian, 4th dan, 6ft 6, as a ringer at the end).
    He didn't get it this time, but was pretty close. I've told him he can be proud of himself and he'll try again next year.
  16. thepunisher

    thepunisher Banned Banned

    hey prowla, I heard in the "Busen" about that bb line up

    Yes, he should be proud of himself. Facing up to 11 ppl in a line up must be nerve racking (especially if they are black belts)and exhausting ! I heard about the line up, some ppl at the dojo were talking about it. And with extra practice, he for sure will get it. The "Busen" black belt grading is hard from what I heard about it but surviving it should be a moment of pride just as much as getting your black belt.

  17. Owen

    Owen New Member

    Ah being unsuccessful for your black belt grading is nothing to be ashamed of, most of the current Sensi I bet failed at one time. I respect anyone who will stand up and do it. However at least he knows what to expect next time, learn from his mistakes and of course pass next time ;)
  18. prowla

    prowla Valued Member

    Thanks Owen & Christian
    He knows that (actualy, I think Sensei Alan and Sue had to re-take their 1st dan, and they're now 4th and damn good instructors). IMHO, it really is just a matter of tightening up a few bits and working on stamina - I wish I'd been that good at age 11!
    We might be down to Tolworth next Sunday or the one after (I'm Paul from Bracknell, currently recovering from an arthroscopy so not training).
  19. Owen

    Owen New Member

    Yep Sensi Sue and Alan are dam fine instructors, why else am I this dam good :p I think you'll find Toworth on a Sunday has closed down for the Summer holidays. Also at 11 there's no worries he has got plenty of time, time is his advantage. :D
  20. thepunisher

    thepunisher Banned Banned

    Alan..you talking about Alan Spillard, the brother of...

    ..Ben ? I thought he was a sempai not a sensei as he is a 1.st dan. At least thats what he told me. Or am I confusing him with someone else ? He often helps with the gradings at the "Busen". By the way, Owen, did you notice you spelt Seiki-Juku karate wrong in your signature ? :D

    You are right, at 11 he has plenty of years left to get his black belt. Especially, as I heard the junior line up is different to the senior one. So he'll definitley get it.

    Well, hope to see all of you one time at the "Busen" dojo. You can find me there mostly Tuesdays, Thursdays or on Saturdays (this month mostly Saturdays !).


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