Has anyone heard of Soryu Karate?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Soryu, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. mattt

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    Isn't purple belt higher than Black belt? I could never figure that one out. And as for those Pansies - they have no place in martial arts, they should stick to making the garden looking pretty if you ask me.
  2. SenseiGrove

    SenseiGrove New Member

    Not sure if that's sarcastic but no, black belt is the final colored belt, THEN you start learning.
  3. mattt

    mattt Valued Member

    Yeah I'm just joshing with you. I got a black belt years ago, still working on my purple though.
  4. peterc8455

    peterc8455 Valued Member

    Thanks Sensei Grove for posting this.

    Yes those "soccar moms" are wimps and so are their kids. If its not full contact it's NOT karate! :evil:

    Seriously though, I was going to leave this alone until you posted this.

    What makes this any better?

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkrwVNiUEoo"]7/2/13, Calvin & Kevin, Int. Sparing - YouTube[/ame]
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  5. tatsuo koyasu

    tatsuo koyasu New Member

    Sensei Grove,

    You are the first person I have encountered that refers to what you practice as Alvarado Ryu however recognizing its root as Soryu Karate-Do. I know and have met and trained with your Sensei Jesse Lussier. I am still in contact with him and occasionally conferring with him. He is an upright gentleman. I know and have met and conferred with Joe Alvarado when I first returned from Japan. He is a man with an unquestioned reputation as a hard knocks no nonsense kind of guy. I certainly appreciate your level of honesty about your lack of knowledge of what constitutes traditional Soryu Karate-Do. I trained with its founder Michio Koyasu, visited him at his house, know his wife Emiko and had many conversation with him about Karate-Do, his life history and martial arts in general. Anytime you wish to contact me to talk about Soryu Karate-Do please do. I am currently located in Nebraska.
    I have been contracted to conduct a seminar on all of the aspects of Kihon Kokyo Ho No Kata in Crown Point, Indiana 5 Oct 13. Kihon Kokyu Ho No Kata is the most important Kata in the traditional Soryu Karate-Do curriculum. This Kata is a requirement at all levels of training in the curriculum. In Japan, at any Soryu Tai Kai, Kihon Kokyu Ho No Kata is performed in mass by all participants. When I was still in Japan and on subsequent visits it was performed by all Dojo participants in mass on a regular basis.

    Tatsuo Koyasu
  6. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    I now cannot eat for nausea........
  7. peterc8455

    peterc8455 Valued Member

    Well according to Sensei Grove talking about the style "its brutal, and not many survive past green belt."

    Also, speaking of Sensei where did he go? I thought he wanted to connect with everyone here.
  8. O-chaa

    O-chaa New Member

    Glad you asked. The problem is that Chris Lopez, a student of Joe Alvarado, claims a 9th dan and Joe Alvarado was never promoted past 4th dan in Soryu. That's fabrication of rank and it's total fraud and BS.

    Also, self-proclaimed, "Sensei Grove" wants to call his style "Alvarado Ryu" but still use the Japanese "Soryu" kanji (Japanese honbu's lettering) to represent the style to the American public. Uuuuh, no. That is also fraudulent and misleading. If you claim not to know traditional Soryu karate or practice it, then don't use the freakin' kanji for your style!! Especially when there's still a Japanese honbu in Sasebo, Nagasaki that would never call what you practice "Soryu."

    Here's a link to Sensei Grove's "Soryu" page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/80910593181/

    It's time for these guys to straight up come clean and stop claiming they know what they don't. Also, another message for "Sensei Grove.": The type of people who quit your style also include those who have figured out that you are pretty much lying to people about what you know and what you practice. Also, people who wanna actually do full contact karate, and ... lean in a... different direction than what your videos show.
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  9. soryu fisherman

    soryu fisherman Valued Member

    Many people are very happy with the American Soryu Karate taught in Central Texas including myself. If you run across the style while trying to decide which way to go, give it a try and decide for yourself. :love::D
  10. silvario

    silvario New Member

    i am interested in traditional Soryu, is there a webpage?
  11. tatsuo koyasu

    tatsuo koyasu New Member

    It is currently under construction. It will be launched within Nov or Dec 2013 under shinryukan.com.

    Tatsuo Koyasu
  12. AvatarLizzy

    AvatarLizzy New Member

    I just recently started American Soryu in central Texas. My sensei is under the approval of the guy in Japan though and he has a fifth dan in Japenese Soryu. Do I need to worry about all this weird stuff with the Texas Soryu?
  13. Joe Duckworth

    Joe Duckworth New Member

    For those of you not familiar or do not know Grandmaster Alvarado or Grandmaster Lopez their rank is legitimate , and they are part of the Texas "Blood and guts history of Texas karate" The American Karate Black Belt Association certifies GM Alvarado's rank and has 12 grandmasters signatures on the cretificate; of American Martial Art Pioneers that no one has the right to question, and Grandmaster Alvarado has appeared before that "HI Dan Board" and his reputation is well known, just as Grand Master Lopez's reputation is well known. Does anyone question grandmaster Chuck Norris? or Bill Wallace? Rank or style connection or system they developed? oh by the way they both know who GM Alvarado was and is. And countless others that were first generation Blackbelts who started martial arts schools back in the 1960's who did similiar adjustments to their martial arts career, The military Draft allowed many people to have the chance train overseas. The first generation knowledge brought back was priceless. many people got their first rank or if they were lucky enough to get more overseas, the rest came from not self promotion but time in grade and finally someone recognized them as more. How many martial organizations exist ? How many legitimate martial arts organizations exist? The AKBBA has some pretty hardcore certificate holders, and the Grandmasters signatures on those certificates are the for real with lineages to the far east and more.

    My father was the first Man to achieve a black belt over 50 years old under Grand Master Alvarado. My father made it his purpose to continue at the time the true teachings of Mr. Joe Alvarado, not watered down but what they taught behind closed doors to law enforcement , Kumite Fighters , techniques people would use to save their lives, techniques other people would never see because they talk to much. I was a Brown Belt under Mr. Joe Alvarado, I continued my education in many other arts , The AKBBA granted me a senior certficate of rank after many years..... but I can tell you without that training in real karate and mentorship from Grandmaster Alvarado I would have had a rough road.

    coincidentally both GM Alvarado and GM Lopez are Veterans, so be respectful to those who served.

    Grandmaster Alvarado, and Grandmaster Lopez know the truth. Discuss your issues with them , if you deserve to do so.

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