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    LOL! I can relate to that (though I'm currently in the process of losing mine).

    I've adopted the term "Buddha" for techniques that use the belly. So, for instance, if I've got someone's arm up against my gut and I squat down, I can apply a "Buddha armbar" where their arm is over my thighs and their elbow is under my gut. I can keep the armbar pressure on with my gut and that leaves my hands free to wreak havoc of their own elsewhere.

    One of my instructors refers to the gut as the "second chest." :)

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    Erm, I'm not sure what other names for it are....

    Its putting your oppononent in a standing guilotine headlock, then falling backwards, with a judo style leg trip if necessary to bring them down headbutting the ground.

    Could quite a nasty move. Although not good if it doesn't work, because you've just pulled your opponent down to the ground with them on top of you :eek:
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    Kinda like a variant Rice Bale, but without flipping yourself ontop of your opponent.

    There's a pic of Jim doing the rice bail in the photo section, or Taware Gaeshi, as we Judoka call it ;)

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    Taware Gaeshi, thats the one, and I agree, quite devastating!

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