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    Because my MMA fight got cancelled/postponed I decided to enter the No-gi BJJ National Champs. I'm not much of a grappler having really focused on punching people in the face over the last two years. I entered with a pretty casual mindset but a fair amount of confidence, I hadn't even really looked at the scoring system before I turned up. The last and only other time I entered a submission grappling comp was 2-3 years ago and the level of competition back then was pretty average.

    Of course I managed to get a loss in my first match, which saw me exit the competition early. Also had my nose turned into a fountain of blood (not quite sure how, even after watching the video). Lost by armbar in a fight that lasted less than three minutes.

    1). Over the last 2-3 years the skill level in New Zealand has increased exponentially.
    2). Grapplers take their weight for these comps pretty seriously. I was stuffing cookies into my gob the night before the competition. The guy I fought looked like he had been eating clean for the last year or two.
    3). Grappling with no face-punching is very different to grappling with face-punching.

    I have learned that I should probably take grappling a bit more seriously if I want to compete in it with any hope of winning. Still, I enjoyed myself and will probably enter a few more comps to gain more experience in fighting under pressure. I didn't embarrass myself, I got beaten by someone who was stronger, fitter, and more skilled but I managed to hold my own for a while, and even worried him a few times. I wasn't far off the level I need to be, and that is a positive I will take from this.
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    Lessons you can take back to the MMA cage with you. The better a grappler you are ... certainly won't hurt.

    Good post. Thanks for sharing!
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    Nothing like learning where your weaknesses are. Be it training, diet, or mental preparation. That's the great thing about different types od competitons. You learn what you are good at and what you should avoid or improve. For me, I wouldn't last a round as a boxer. Hands are too slow, poor footwork, and odd head movement. But, since I know this, I stay outside of range or in real close.

    Great post Kave. Sorry about the nose....

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