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    On Tuesday it will be 22 years ago that Grandmaster Moon was killed. However I almost see nothing on him which is a shame as he attained so much in his 36 years.
    Grandmaster Moon was born in a small town south of Seoul on August 29, 1954. By the time of 8 years old , he and his father had traveled hundreds of miles to train with different masters, studying Han Guk Bul Kyu Mu Sul Kwon, Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Akkido, and Hapkido.
    In his early 20's he formed his own martial arts system, known as KUK SUL HAPKIDO. The Shah of Iran was so impressed with it, that he chose Grandmaster Moon to instruct his elite Imperial Guards. After the fall of the Shah he moved to Los Angeles around 1980. He opened his dojang there and later in Reseda, CA. He was the president of the World Kuk Sool Federation.
    In 1982 he made a couple of great workout vidoes on VHS, "Excercise and Isometrics" to teach Chul Sa Jang & "Self-defense & Techniques". Some people objected to him making these videos and his car and dojang was vandalized.
    He was on a cover/feature in the August 1986 Inside Karate magazine.
    By his death at 36, he held an 8th degree in Kuk Sool, 7th in Hapkido, as well as many other belts in other systems.
    On March 5, 1991 he was shot and killed in a Korean restaurant in China Town Los Angeles, by a friend who had lent him money, but wanted it back. The shooter confessed, but I do not know what became of the case, or the name of the restaurant.
    I believe that he had a daughter and was divorced. Please correct me if I am wrong about this or anything else.
    And I also have been told that his body was shipped to his hometown in South Korea for burial.
    I would be grateful for more information on this amazing Grandmaster !
    Rest In Peace Grandmaster Sung Bong Moon ! Memory Eternal !!!
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    Thanks for the information.

    Tony what was the purpose of this post? Was it simply to pay tribute to him?

    You mentioned he was killed in 1991. Did you know and/or train with him?
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    Peter, thanks for the reply. The purpose was to pay tribute to him. And I also would like to know what people thought of him as a martial artist ! I never met him. I do Kuk Sool Won. But his Kuk Sool Hapkido system is about 90 % old Kuk Sool Won circa 1980. I like his old videos and trying to do the old Kuk Sool forms as well as the recent updates to these. I was unable to find anything on the shooting as i can't seem to find any searches in LA papers with info .
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    well, from all the years i have spent following my teacher(he spent about a year in a school on melrose when he came to america before he came back to sf hq), the only story i got for master moon was that he was that even a great martial artist shouldn't borrow money from shady people.
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    Well, it is very interesting to see this post come up as I trained with him for about 5 years in Reseda. He was incredibly skillful, fluid and powerful.

    He did struggle with the language which in turn probably didn't help his ability to really grow his business. He did do a few videos along the way and was featured on few magazine covers.

    I was lucky enough to train under him and was going to resume training (went to college in another state) but found out that he was killed. I wouldn't read too much into the rumor about the money as I heard it was he got caught with another man's wife who then shot him. Point being... I don't know if anyone knows the real story.

    Wow does this bring back memories. Oh and hello everyone. This is my first post,

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    Supreme Grand Master Instructor Moon's Training:

    By the time Moon was 8 years old, he and his father had traveled hundreds of Kilometers to train with different Martial Arts teachers, studying many aspects of the ancient methods of the Buddhist Korean Martial Arts, known as Han Guk Bul Kyu Mu Sul Kwon, Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, Taekwondo and Hapkido Martial Arts. During this intensive training-period S.G.M. Moon learned Special Fighting Skills, Yoga, Buddhist Meditation Techniques, plus Internal Power Development (CHI Gung), which is fundamental to
    IIMAF Kuksool Hapkido Martial Arts.

    In the late 1970's Supreme Grand Master Instructor Moon began to integrate the many scattered Martial Art Techniques of Asia into a single Martial Art System. Hence the name 'Kuksool Hapkido' was known. Some believe that In the Chinese Martial Arts Language the word: 'Kuk' or 'KU' means 'INTERNATIONAL' and 'Soo'l or 'Su' or 'Shu' means 'Martial Arts Techniques.

    Kuksool could mean:

    (International Martial Arts Techniques System).
    Kuksool Hapkido History:

    1960's - Kuksool Hapkido established Hand to Hand Combat Training for
    the Imperial Elite Immortal Guards (Imperial Special Forces).

    1970'S - Supreme Grand Master Instructor Moon begins teaching
    Kuksool Hapkido to the Imperial Elite Immortal Guards ( Imperial Special Forces).

    1980-Supreme Grand Master Instructor Moon's Kuksool Hapkido Center established in The United States of America.

    1981- The Humble Shawn Shervan begins formal Martial Arts training, which included: Kuksool, Hapkido, Kuksool Hapkido, Buddhist Martial Arts, Chi Kong (Qigong), Pro Hapkido, Sinmoo Hapkido, Power Karate, Traditional Karate, Traditional Taekwondo, WTF Taekwondo, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Boxing, some Wrestling and some Grappling.
    Chief Master Instructor Shawn Shervan has received 8th Degree Black Belt Certification, After 30 years of Martial Arts Training.

    1982 - Supreme Grand Master Instructor Moon Preforms Kuksool Hapkido Demonstrations in Reseda.

    1991 - Supreme Grand Master Instructor Moon passes away.

    1992 - Publication of IIMAF Kuksool Hapkido handbooks and instructional videos. Head Master Instructor Shawn Shervan Establishes IIMAF Kuksool Hapkido World H.Q. in Los Angeles County, California, U.S.A.

    1994 - Head Master Instructor Shawn Shervan is honored and presented with the Title of Chief Master Instructor.

    During the history of the IIMAF Kuksool Hapkido, most Imperial Guards Men were very accomplished Martial Artists, which were occasionally called upon during National Ceremonies to Demonstrate their Fighting Abilities. Today, the tenets of Zoroastrianism, Sufism, Buddhism and Hinduism are prevalent in
    IIMAF Kuksool Hapkido Philosophy, a way of life, and not as a Religion. IIMAF is not a Religious Organization.

    IIMAF Philosophy teaches practitioners Honor and Forgiveness.

    The IMPERIAL INTERNATIONAL MARTIAL ARTS FEDERATION can also train your Mind Over Matter, Meaning: Your Brain can become stronger than your physical Body. With time, you can learn to do unbelievable things.

    “No matter how good you get in the Martial Arts, no matter how well you’re perceived to be doing by others, your training is never over.”
    C.M.Shawn Shervan

    An IIMAF Kuksool Hapkido Student should become Humble and should have Compassion for all Living Things.

    IIMAF Kuk Sool Hapkido's Modern History:

    IIMAF Kuksool Hapkido's modern history can be indirectly traced back to the Imperial Elite Immortal Guards (Imperial Special Forces) They gave their lives fighting terrorism. Today there are Men and Women of the free world risking their lives to defeat Terrorism and the forces of darkness.
    The Imperial Guardsmen believed in GOD, KING and COUNTRY. of the Honorable PAHLAVI Dynasty. During this period almost all aspects of the Indo-European Culture was re-Introduced to the nation, including the teaching of Imperial Court Martial Arts. Those practicing Martial Arts were Rewarded. Some of the Top Imperial Military Commanders and National Hero's were the Late General’s Ali Neshat, Gen. Rahimi, Gen.Biglary, Gen.Nader Jahanbani, Gen.Badrai, Gen.Aryana, Gen.Khosrodad, Gen.Nasiri, Gen.Naji, Gen.Oveisi, Gen.Ayat Mohagheghi, Gen.Parviz Amini-Afshar, Gen.Zand-Karimi,Veghaar, Gen.Shams-tabrizi, Gen.Riyahi, Gen.Pakravan, Gen.Nozari-Baghaa, Gen.Niazmand, Gen.Nezami, Gen.Molavi, Gen.Matbouie, Gen.Khajehnouri, Gen.Imaani-far, Gen.Fathi-Moghadam, Gen.Deh-panaah, Gen.Bidabaadi, Gen.Behzadi, Gen.Yazdi, Gen.Voshmguir, Gen.Sadri, Gen.Saadatmand, Gen.Rabii, Gen.Moghadam, Gen.Moddares, Gen.Majidi, Gen.Khalatbari, Gen.Khajehnouri, Gen.Jafarian, Gen.Jafari, Gen.Hojat Kashani, Gen.Hatam, Gen.Brenjiaan, Gen.Bakhshi-Azar, Gen.Buick Amini-Afshar, Gen.Shirani, Gen.Yazd-jerdi, Gen.Vosough, Gen.Torabi, Gen.Sojdehi, Gen.Shirazi, Gen.Shafat, Gen.Safaii, Gen.Nourbakhsh, Gen.Nazemi, Gen.Moetamedi Kordestani, Gen.Malek, Gen.Khoshnam, Gen.Kahaali, Gen.Javaheri, Gen.Hosuhmand Hamedani, Gen.Hamidi-Ashtiani, Gen.Hamedanian, Gen.Ghafari, Gen.Fathi-Moghadam, Gen.Esfandiari, Gen.Bayat, Gen.Badii, Gen.Ansari, Gen.Iraj Amini Afshar, Gen.Amid and Gen.Alaai. General Neshat was the last Commander of the Imperial Elite Immortal Guards, before it was dissolved by the Bloody and Criminal Revolution of 1979. Prior to 1979, Imperial Court Martial Arts included different Kicking and Hard Punching styles, plus: Kushti e Kaj,(a Grappling style) with emphasis on Joint Locking and Throwing Techniques; Kushti e Azad (Competition Wrestling), a combination which could be either hard or soft Grappling, but never uses force against force, Kushti e Jokhah and Power House Weight Training.
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    That website is absolute crap.
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    Nothing against this guy or his teacher but I always love school "creeds" which bleed into areas of belief that are no business of a teacher,whether it be of MA or MAth.

    "All IIMAF Kuksool Hapkido Practitioners are expected to abide by the Laws of their country, If they do not agree with the Laws of their country, they should try to change them peacefully, if they cannot do that, they should move to a country which they are able to live in peace and freedom."

    If the Irish had adhered to that they'd all be living somewhere other than the Emerald Isle. Just for one example.

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    The KUKSOOL HAPKIDO Training will start at the:

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    Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

    By Chief Master Shawn Shervan

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