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Discussion in 'Western Martial Arts' started by Stick, May 6, 2004.

  1. Stick

    Stick New Member

    Any other boxers here? Do you compete and how often do you train? I'm just getting back into boxing after seeing a need to improve in my sparring. (full contact karate)
  2. JohnnyX

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    There's a Boxing Forum isn't there? :D
  3. Louie

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    Hi again Stick,

    Don't know if you've accidentally posted here but I'll answer your query....

    Quite a few WMA'ers include Good ol' boxing along with sword/stick....

    Although from an 'all round' point of view, many tend to look back to the really ol' form of boxing which included wrestling holds, trips and kicks.

    Other WMA'ers study modern boxing as part of French Savate which includes kicking.

    I try to divide my class into 3 sections covering Single-stick, knife (dirk) and unarmed combat which includes the punches/kicks/trips of the early boxing era along with some traditional wrestling.

  4. Stick

    Stick New Member

    Thanks for the comments, I did see the boxing forum but wasn't looking for sport boxing, I'm interested in boxing as a martial art. The way it was meant to be and the way modern mma'ers use boxing.

    I want to (get back into) boxing to help my general sparring, I don't want to compete in boxing.

    stick (and move)
  5. Louie

    Louie STUNT DAD Supporter

  6. Stolenbjorn

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    You allso have Mendoza, but I don't have any links to any of his techniques. I haven't tried win-chun, but i've been told that some aspects are a bit similar to Mendoza.

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