Good authentic Chinese Shaolin schools in Sacramento, California

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by kungfupanda71, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. icefield

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    But what is taught as shaolin and what is taught at the temples isn't authentic is it?

    We can thank jet li and his 1982 film for the resurgence of shaolin and it being rebuild from a crumbling building into a multi million dollar industry. And also for what is taught there

    Much as we can thank Donny yen for wing chuns current popularity
  2. Monkey_Magic

    Monkey_Magic Well-Known Member

    Do you think Donny Yen’s wing chun films have had a lot of impact on the art’s popularity?

    I imagined that wing chun was always popular, but I’ve no idea how to gauge actual numbers.
  3. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    Wing chun was never popular outside Hong Kong especially yip man's version which he changed somewhat in Hong Kong

    Actually Chinese martial arts were not popular a friend moved to China to teach English and he had to travel a couple of hours to find a Kung Fu school and that was sanda, fast forward to post Donnie's films and the school my friend teaches at paid for a full gym for teach in and what was the art they wanted him to teach? Wing chun even though he was skilled in other arts that's the art the kids were set on learning.

    Anecdotal I know but I've heard similar things from other guys out there their is a growth in interest in martial arts, wing chun in particular and yip man in particular and Donnie is to thank for that
  4. Monkey_Magic

    Monkey_Magic Well-Known Member

    Interesting. And at least it’s nurturing CMA.

    Do you know anything about the changes made by Yip Man to wing chun?
  5. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    Yip man changed how things were taught , more two handed chi Sao, slightly different weighting on the stance, pivoting less sparring I believe and so on.

    Just look at some.clips and you can see a differenxe, lower stances in some cases.

    It was said he changes what he taught originally after getting to train with another wing chun master, how try this is and how much was down to his new middle class of students who probably wanted less contact is anyone's giess
  6. Xue Sheng

    Xue Sheng All weight is underside

    Never said it was authentic at the temples, much of Wudang is not authentic either, they are tourists trap at best and some are "buyer beware", and sadly Chenjaigou looks like it may go the same route. But they do train you something and if that is what you want that's great, more power to them. I don't want to go there, but a lot do. I trained Shaolin Long Fist in my early 30s with a shifu in the US (not a Shaolin Monk), it was cool, but I no longer train it, never did figure out why I want to be able to do a no handed cartwheel, or a 1 handed cartwheel with a Jian in my hand
  7. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    No but PIP pointed out there is no such thing as authentic shaolin anymore which is pretty much the case what is taught in 99% of all places in and outside the temples is wushu tourist stuff,

    You pointing out actually there is one guy teaching it maybe somewhere in China really doesn't harm his point.

    I suppose the question would be what does the thread starter define as the real deal....

    What he sees in the movies, what is taught there now or what was taught there centuries ago, if it's the latter it's largely dead and buried and inaccessable to most people
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  9. aaradia

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    A definition of authentic by OP would be helpful to answering his question. It can be interpreted in different ways.

    I look at Shaolin as this semi-mythological beginning of most TCMA's. And I read his question as such. Most TCMA's trace their roots to Shaolin, whatever the exact true history may be. The spirit of what he was asking to me was for a TCMA as opposed to a different style.

    But he can correct me if I am wrong. :)
  10. Monkey_Magic

    Monkey_Magic Well-Known Member

    Because it looks cool :cool:

    Also, never underestimate the self-defence value of cartwheels and fancy techniques ...

  11. kungfupanda71

    kungfupanda71 New Member

    I suck at acrobatics so cannot do this kind of stuff like leaping backflips
  12. Pretty In Pink

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    Can you give us an idea of what you think Shaolin Kung Fu real deal looks like? Then we could maybe direct you to something close to it :)
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  13. Monkey_Magic

    Monkey_Magic Well-Known Member

    I think we all know what real Shaolin looks like when we we see it ..,


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