Golden Boy Promotions - What's happening?

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by belltoller, Jun 29, 2014.

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    Over the last month I've been too busy moving house to keep up with much of anything.

    So I decided to glance over 'alerts' before I deleted them. Couldn't help but notice the flurry of reports indicating Oscar De LaHoya's flagship Goldenboy Promotions is in for a rough ride with the departures of Richard Schaefer, Floyd Mayweather, Benard Hopkins (it would seem) and others.

    This will surely shake things up a great deal. Anyone have the lowdown on what's been happening?
  2. Saved_in_Blood

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    To try to sum it up the best way I can and to how much I know about it... basically Schafer and Oscar have had their issues over many years. Schafer and Haymon are the guys who put together good fights. Oscar seems now to be willing to work with bob arum more now which is fine, but Floyd will absolutely NOT do business with him. The problem has now come down to lack of fighters that arum has. He doesn't have much selection unless it's going to be Manny vs. Marquez 5, 6, 7, 8 etc. Manny has also lost his star power with his last few PPV's being under the 1 million dollar mark. I think he and Oscar now want to try to work some things out, but with his willingness to do so, it puts he, Schafer and Haymon at odds with each other. NO ONE is going to side against Floyd because he is the one right now who rakes in the cash... that's just the way it is. Floyd and Schafer also have a very good working relationship, where it's no secret that Oscar and Floyd have never liked each other that much. Basically though it was about the fact that Schafer and arum pretty much hate each other and Richard had stated that GB would never work with TR... Oscar did not feel this way which started everything on a downhill slide. Here's a link that sort of explains it a little bit better.
  3. puma

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    Oscar wanted them to all wear dresses to work is what I heard.
  4. Saved_in_Blood

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    For the money he makes... I'd put on some pink panties.

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