Goju-Ryu v.s. Shotokan, enlighten me pls

Discussion in 'Karate' started by matessi, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. kempocos

    kempocos Valued Member

    Well I think in order to help the school or instructors/location name would be needed. The instructor rather than style will determine the quality of training.
  2. Cain

    Cain New Member

    Yup, and just because a teacher has won x no. of tourneys does'nt mean he can be a good teacher ;)

  3. Telsun

    Telsun Valued Member

    Thanks for adding that insight Earth Element.
  4. kempocos

    kempocos Valued Member

    What style, I bet some Japanese style.

    what style do/did you take to conclude this?

    You are 15, you have more than likley been in a KIDS class had have not been shown more than basics
  5. kerling

    kerling Hidden haito style

    January 1, 1989

    Uhh.. how do you compare?
    Have you tested many styles?
    Have you trained with proper senseis?
    Have you done more than 3 gradings yet?

  6. kempocos

    kempocos Valued Member

    I started training in 1976 at 16, TAI - ZEN Japanese Juijitsu LI the school has been in the same place for over 40 years Brown belt for a year when I stopped. started good old boxing, tried TKD for 1 year, tried AKIDO for 1.5 years. the did time in SHORIN RYU, SHOTOKAN. STarted with RYUKYU KEMPO with Taika Oyata trained for 1.5 years then stopped , took a six year break started again trian RYUKYU KEMPO, Shodan/1ST degree Black Belt, ISSHINRYU training for my Nidan/2nd degree Black Belt, small circle JuJitsu, modern arnis ( remy prasas style ), attend many seminars on BJJ, MT,MMA

    I train 2 hours a night four nights a week.

    That were I draw my opinion from how about you.

    Or at least explain why karate in not going to help you.

    cmon, don't be a punk, make a statement that show brain activity.
  7. Gyaku

    Gyaku Valued Member

    Bit of a bold statement coming from somebody who's trained on and off for 28 years, and is only a shodan. Can't we for once just be nice and don't fall for silly people trolling about?
  8. moononthewater

    moononthewater Valued Member

    Gyaku you are having a laugh are nt you. I think 28 years on and off only a second dan. I would have thought the 28 years says it all ihave been training about that non stop and my highest grade is only a 2nd duan. I will let you into a secret grades mean very little but experience, practise and being able to practise what you preach is all. So do not get side tracked by a persons grade until you have seen what they can do.
  9. Stick

    Stick New Member

    In judo it's common to reach shodan and really no higher. Rank isn't he goal, that is until you reach shodan and then you really don't care anymore. I'm only a nidan in karate after 15 years of solid training...I really don't care to attain higher 'ranking' but I do wish to continue learning.

  10. kempocos

    kempocos Valued Member

    MOON & STICK , I see I am not alone not chasing high rank TITLES but rather trained under many good instructors. I also woyuld give any style at least a year before deciding if the style was good for me. I do not pass judgemnet without alot of inofromation.
  11. kerling

    kerling Hidden haito style

    Uhh I was asking EarthElement !!!
    I quoted EarthElement took the Birth date out if his profile.
    Unless you are also EarthElement would read a bit more thoroughly whole posts before going berserk.

    Regards Kerling
  12. kerling

    kerling Hidden haito style

    It seems EarthElement has deleted his post into this thread.
  13. Gyaku

    Gyaku Valued Member

    This statement is rude. Not only that but it was unfairly posted at somebody. I just wanted to show how easy it can be to term things around on people. This is a public forum, there is no reason to be rude by any means.

    As for 28 years and only shodan, well if you're happy with that, then it's okay. Maybe I'm too ambitious, but i'm not a title grabber - I just like to push myself, test my limits at the highest possible level. Lets face it the technical requirements for shodan are not really that great. If you can make the grade - take the grade!
  14. kempocos

    kempocos Valued Member

    KERLING , I mis read and my comments were directed towards the statement EARTHELEMENT made. I have start replying when I am not so tired.

    GYAKU -
    tHE " DON'T BE A PUNK " was a reply to someone saying

    " I say this as a fellow karate person: karate sucks in general, you can't use anything, get your heads out of your a$$es karate people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

    without giving any commnets on thier thoughts.

    My rank is only due to me not seeing the need to " test " for a new title to impress folks with. I train with many levels of DAN ranked people. I have trained in sevral systems.
  15. Gyaku

    Gyaku Valued Member

    I see your point. However having those extra grades gives you greater opportunities to teach your art. I think this is the highest level of training. It's one thing having a flawless gyaku, but can you teach it to somebody else? I have found that teaching has enabled me to take my techniques and tactics to another level. Simply training with other dan grades (I've trained with some of the best) is good, no doubt, to really understand a technique I really believe you should teach it. I know of very few organisations that provide teaching opportunities to 1st or even 2nd dan instructors. (Teaching the beginners class doesn't count!) - so extra belts aren't just about impressing folks.

    Oh well, my 2p hey!
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2004
  16. kempocos

    kempocos Valued Member

    I see your points , well said. I have taught classes to variuos levels and agree with you. Perhaps that is why I am now preparing for my 2nd in ISSHINRYU. My instructor told me he wants to test me for my third faster than the normal waiting period due to my performance and past training.
  17. moononthewater

    moononthewater Valued Member

    G still misses a big point some of us are not that interested in grades that does not mean i train any less than other teachers of higher grades. It does not mean that my martial art is any less effective than others. I too train with some of the best teachers around and those that know me well do not ask about my grade but judge me on what i do or my students do. All this grading stuff has only been around for a little while people used to be judged on what they can do. I would be quite happy to walk out of any class taken by a higher grade if he is teaching rubbish i have trained with some higher grades who live in their own worlds of fantasy and know little about martial arts. If you want to grade fine but do not think a grade is a everything the more time you spend in martial arts the more you will realise its the person not the grade that is important. The way i look at it is you have students, teachers and a few masters.
  18. EarthElement

    EarthElement New Member

    Ok guys so i guess i should say im sorry for that comment as it was ill-informed. I guess that particular karate style(tenshin-kai) wasn't what I was expecting out of it(and it was a kids class 2, it was a few years ago). But i'm sure a good number of syles of karate work very well. It's just that 1 that i guess wasn't effective for self-defense purposes even though i thought it was.
  19. Gyaku

    Gyaku Valued Member

    Good luck!

    Just out of interest, is the vertical punch in Isshinryu similar to the vertical punch used in Wing Chun?
  20. Maratimer

    Maratimer New Member

    Goju Ryu is a softer style in comparison to Shotokan. Blocks are more circular. They do a lot of katas using Sanchin ( hour glass stance). There is a lot of information readily available on both styles. Both have a lot of depth to them and are rich in historical background. I would visit both types of clubs and see which ones peak your interest. Call around and see if you can take part in a class or two. Most clubs allow you to try it out first.


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