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Discussion in 'Karate' started by Daniel-san, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Daniel-san

    Daniel-san New Member

    By any chance did anyone in the states catch "Deadly Arts" program on FitTV channel recently? I just saw the episode where they featured a Goju Ryu dojo in Okinawa.
    Wow! Goju Ryu has me really intrigued. The infighting techniques looked really effective and powerful. I have limited knowledge of the various styles of Japanese Karate, but I liked what I saw of Goju Ryu. I wish there was a school close to me so i could check it out.
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  2. Pete Ticali

    Pete Ticali Valued Member

    Goju in California

    Is it a coincidence you use a screen name made famous from the Karate Kid movie? That was supposed to be Mr. Miyagi from okinawan Karate, which is of course where Goju comes from.

    AS a Goju practioner myself, I am certainly biased, but should tell you their are a few very similiar okinawan styles. You should also be aware that from a strict interpretation; it CANNOT be Karate, unless it's roots come from Okinawa. Nowadays the word karate is used for a generic name of kicking & punching arts. Not SO!

    Sorry I'm off topic...
    You should easily find Goju in California!
    I'm an East Coast (NYC) guy, but even the son of Yamaguchi (the Cat) who was the pioneer in Goju-Ryu has a school (or did) in CA.

    Do a web serch. I'm sure you will come up with west coast Goju.
    If not, Look to the east! (LOL) WE're here in NYC!
    Pete Ticali
  3. Daniel-san

    Daniel-san New Member

    Thanks for the reply Pete. There are some Goju schools in CA but the closest one is about 2 1/2 hours from me. Nothing in Sacramento.
    I did know about Miyagi and why they used that name in the movie...
    I use Daniel-san as a screen name, because back in the day when I started training my classmates used to call me that since my name is Dan.
    NYC huh? HELL-O Brooklyn!!!
    I'm originally from Philly, I have some friends in Brooklyn and Manhattan.


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