Goals for 2019 (not resolutions)

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    The new year is a good time to set goals. NOT resolutions, but just goals for the coming year. What are yours? Both Martial Arts and otherwise?

    Martial Arts -
    1. Get back to focusing on improving my kicks
    2. More Bag workouts/ Shadow Boxing
    3. Work in more core strength exercises (planks twice a week I am thinking)
    4. Get past my stagnant point in push hands.
    5. Continue to improve my Chinese terms vocabulary. Be able to read scripts for forms.
    6. Be in formatting mode for Senior Black Sash test in CLF by the end of the year.
    7. Test for 1st Degree Senior Black Fringe in Tai Chi Chuan.
    (The last two are weird. It isn't so much getting the next level as just a tool to keep pushing myself and putting myself under pressure. So it is a focal point more than anything.)

    Overall health -
    1. lose weight
    2. pursue alternative treatments in addition to traditional to get my thumbs healed! (I won't do surgery.)
    3. Eat less sugar - even if it doesn't end up making me lose weight
    4. Cook more -eat less pre-packaged dinners from stores

    Eh, the rest of my life I can't think of anything.
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    :) nice set of goals

    Primary goal: 9 months without chest infection. I managed all this year, leaving room for the unexpected.

    Deadlift at least 195kg. (190kg last year)
    Bench over 115kg. (112.5kg last year)
    10km in under 47'30" (49 last year, but pb was 46 mins 3 years ago).
    Box splits under 2 inches. (Got to 3 inches last year)
    Martial arts specific:
    Focus on guard training in BJJ - retaining guard, recovering from underneath to guard and passing others guard.

    Spinning back kick execution
    Left hook (from South paw) my weakest punching form.
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    *reads other people's goals on a phone resting on his belly while demolishing a tube of Pringles*
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