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  1. gorinnosho

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    i agree with you completely with most things you've said. i had a though " If they wanted to get off the couch and do something, why not take up soccer?" then i though about my situation i started for the same reason. karate was just that bit different.

    GKR is good, but i don't like allot of it's problems, like the recruitment drive, if some one wants to learn they should seek a teacher
    " when the pupil is ready, the master will appear." not nock on the door.
    whats wrong with fliers?
  2. prowla

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    I would have to pick you up on a couple of things there...
    1. I do accept that an orange (or whatever) belt can help teach, but they have not earned the title "sensei", or even "sempai", and are not qualified to run a class on their own.
    2. I do not buy the "too busy to take a grading for 10 years" premise. A grading is a measure of your progression as a martial artist, so not taking a grading means you have stagnated.
    One of the things to note when you teach is that people tend to imitate the instructor; it is perfectly natural to do so, as they are showing you how to do the move. If the instructor is doing it wrong, then so will their students.

    However, this, and another recent occurrence have got me thinking about the validity of Karate training as a general keep-fit activity and no more...
    (i) I do think that it is probably beneficial to at least do something rather than sit on the couch or hang around on street corners.
    (ii) I was training with a lower grade last week who does not want to do fighting, and so will not be able to progress beyond her next belt (as sparring is part of the syllabus). My first thought was why the heck is she doing Karate then? But as per (i), it's better than doing nothing, and also she's really there for her kids, who will progress.
    So, I am a bit confused:- doing keep fit with punches and kicks (Karate, Body Combat, and so-on) is a perfectly valid form of exercise. But there is no real measure of the man, no life changing moment of achievement, no assured self-confidence from knowing that you have pushed yourself to the limit (and beyond).
    I suppose the worst thing that could happen is that someone could think that they have learned something that is actually usable!
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  3. Rhea

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    Do GKR actually say their stuff is for self defence? If so, they're kind of lying from what I've heard. False advertising claims?
    If they say it's just for karate, and nothing to do with how to defend yourself properly, then they've got their place, I just feel sorry for those who get sucked in. It's just really not for me, but as Prowla says, it's better than sitting on the couch doing nothing.
    As for lower grade instructors, I can't really talk, as I've been helping with the children's classes for a long time now, but I had prior experience, a first aid qualification, and was mostly only there for someone to be thrown around. I didn't actually assist with any teaching until orange belt (6th kyu). And even now, as a 4th, I don't really do that much. Running a whole class at that grade or lower is stupid, I wouldn't have had a clue what to do! Run a fitness session maybe, but then it is my job.
    They're nowhere near me, but I'd love to have a door knocker for target practice, I'm terrible with window salesmen already.
  4. Murphey

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    I do GKR and I don't want to get into the small details or rumours.

    It is a good club with family values and good karate overall. Bob Sullivan has a lot to answer for but the club, from a student's view, is great. Not so good for the instrcutor. Those are the essential facts of the club.

  5. intoximoto

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    GKR False Advertisement

    Please check out this link, it is a job advertisement with a hidden agenda entitled "Sports Consultant".


    I recently made the mistake of applying for this position, only to find out when attending the interview that the advertised position was more like a "bait & switch".

    The position offered was not what was listed, but was infact the door-to-door selling of GKR Karate. They offered no hourly rate, no retainer, and it was 100% Commission Only. Sure, they offered free Karate lessons three times a week, with a fast tracked Black Belt Program, where I could attain my own Black Belt, and subsequently open up my own Mcdojo!

    Is this what the future holds for Karate? Pyramid Selling? False Hope?
    I am quite disgusted by this, but not only by the way I was mislead and wasted my time at an interview with these people in some guys garage, but also how they prey on people in their advertisement by saying "No Experience Necessary" to lure them in.

    Having no Karate experience previously, one can see how I was almost sucked into this sham. I am so glad for websites like Martial Arts Planet and the like, that I could see GKR for what they really are, before getting involved. I just wish I found them before I went to the interview, but alas all I went to was the propaganda website www.gkrkarate.com.

    Anyway, I felt the need to share my experience.
  6. intoximoto

    intoximoto New Member

    This news story is a year old, but very informative. It discusses the rise of the Mcdojo, and how martial arts for profit degrades students training.
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  7. Murphey

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    Never get involved in the business side of GKR.
  8. Llamageddon

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    Remove 'the business side of' then I that statement will be more accurate ;)
  9. Murphey

    Murphey New Member

    If you people look past the flaws you see, you might find it is a club 55,000 people are happily training in. Adrian Sclanders ringing a bell to you all because you all remind me of him!
  10. Moosey

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  11. Murphey

    Murphey New Member

    Look him up, Dr Moose! Seriously, stop being rude about the club. Everyone is bloody sick of it.
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  12. Sam

    Sam Absent-ish member

    Easy! No one is being rude, just offering opinions based upon what they know or have been exposed too.
  13. bassai

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    Have you got any data to back up the 55000 members claim?
    Because i'm sure if we could see how long the average member actualy actively trains before they quit it would make interesting reading ;)
  14. Moosey

    Moosey invariably, a moose Supporter

    Moi? I thought "pardon" was quite polite!

    We don't have an agenda here and we're not paid off by "Adrian Sclanders", whoever he might be.
  15. Murphey

    Murphey New Member

    Ok, is your hatred of GKR got anything to do with the AKF hating us? And I tell you the AKF were wrong in not accepting us.
  16. Moosey

    Moosey invariably, a moose Supporter

    Mate, I've never heard of the AKF either. I guess that's "Australian Karate Federation" or something?

    I'm British, so sports politics in Australia don't make much difference to me. The main reason that people have a problem with GKR is the coloured-grades teaching, the non-contact competition format and the business tactics used by the sales teams.
  17. Murphey

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    Kyu grades teaching - You can be accepted into the STP (sensei training program) as a green belt, but you are taught by a second dan or higher and are not given the really big classes from what I see. UK and Australia GKR are different though.

    The non-contact - Obviously, you can never stop contact from going on when sparring. It stops a heck of a lot of injuries and it teaches us about control (even though most of you think it doesn't).

    My only problem with GKR is that it is multistyled and so I think the quality is hard to convey to students. If GKR were shotokan or Goju, the students would be taught better.
  18. kez56

    kez56 Valued Member

    What does that have to do with it?

    I'm sure most would agree that even in Shotokan and Goju there are poor instructors who dont know how to teach properly. I am certain that there are some excellent instructors in GKR.

    I am always surprised when I hear people talking about their own style in a less than positive light.

    Please note that this is not a GKR bash. I know a few people who train in this style and they are quite competent martial artists. :eek:
  19. Lord Spooky

    Lord Spooky Banned Banned

    but do they have other training besides GKR?

    Also I'm not wishing to sound too harsh here but what experience do you have in martial arts?

    What is your assessment of their ability based on?
  20. kez56

    kez56 Valued Member


    No they dont. But they are also looking for something else with a bit more substance (their words). I should have clarified that they are competent in terms of "sport" karate.

    My background?

    Ishinryu (as in Ticky Donovan style) for a number of years...a 20 year layoff :D ....and now back training again in Kempo.

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