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    Why does posting this at this time of year feel like the old "new year, new me" rubbish? :eek:

    Anyway, after a few years of being lazy and almost a year of no martial arts training, it's time to get my backside back into gear. Back when I was at university (and for a year after) I was cycling every day and was fairly fit from it. Then the inevitable happened - I passed my driving test and the bike stayed in the shed apart from a few rides along Souter/Seaburn/Roker and when I've been looking for new cars. Since I had to give up MA last year through work I've noticed my fitness dropping off quite rapidly (yes, you can tell when you're dragging pallets around a supermarket) so my plan for this year is to get back in the saddle to get the fitness back up and explore the part of the world I live in.

    So how am I going to do it? Well first things first, I've picked up a turbo trainer in Halfords' sale (£125 for this one) and a bike computer (£40 for this) and bookmarked some of the routes and trails that I want to hit this year. I'll be posting some of them in this log so I know my own goals and can see how far away from them I am. The big bribe is a new bike, a decent hardtail that doesn't weigh a ton but will handle any trail I decide I'm up to (no Fort William World Cup trails though!). I refuse to buy a bike that will sit in the shed for another few years, so I want to be fit enough to actually get out on it and make the most of whichever bike I buy. Until I'm at that stage though my old Apollo will do for the trainer.

    Apart from the planned trails, I'll be posting trainer workouts I've done and possibly Google Maps routes that I've done when I get out in the sticks (or more than a few miles from home). In general though, this log will be the same as most logs - a record of where I am, where I've come from and where I'm going to be used as a kick up the backside for myself when I think I'm getting lazy again :bang:

    Intro done, first workout numbers in the next post.

    - Anth.
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    First attempt at a proper workout earlier today (after a few minutes "systems check" to set up the computer and trainer the other day).

    Goal: Ride for an entire episode of Band of Brothers at a steady cadence and speed. 1
    Time: 1hr 10mins
    Distance: 9.32 miles 2
    Average Cadence: 65rpm
    Max Speed: 12.3mph
    Average Speed: 8.2mph
    Gear: 8-10 (of 21) 3
    Resistance: 1 (of 5)

    1 - Speed was not a goal, I just wanted to see if I could pedal for around an hour with a steady cadence. Band of Brothers was chosen because it's a series I can keep watching while I'm on the turbo and not get bored by.
    2 - Distance was not a goal neither and is quite pathetic by my old standards.
    3 - Change of gear was due to my pedalling technique going to pot and getting all choppy and my legs starting to warm up, making my starting gear choice a bit wussy.

    Feelings/Notes/Other: Use of a target I know helped ("Howay Anth, there's only that bit to go!") but it's definitely a while since I spent any time in the saddle (not to go into too much detail but it may be wise for me to invest in some padded cycling shorts. :eek: ) Pedalling technique has a tendancy to go to pot and get choppy so I need to look at that before it can harm my knees. I was fairly knackered at the end of the session so it gives me a decent starting platform.

    Next/Future Sessions: Same kind of thing, time in the saddle focus but higher gear next time. Session after - half the time but sprint finish to see where my max speed is.

    - Anth.
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    Anth Daft. Supporter

    A couple of sessions to add to this log:

    Monday 13th January

    Goal: Improve pedalling, up the speed a bit, up the gear.
    Time: 35 minutes 1
    Distance: 7.16 miles
    Cadence: 70rpm for 30 minutes, 90rpm for 2 minutes, last 3 minutes 100rpm. 2
    Max Speed: 18.6mph
    Average Speed: 11.9mph
    Gear: 11 (of 21)
    Resistance: 1 (of 5)

    1 - Doctors appointment for neck injury cut the session from the planned hour.
    2 - New challenge - increase the time at 100rpm cadence.

    Feelings/Notes/Other: Legs felt better during the session and pedalling improved from greater focus on it (and getting angry at myself for every bad stroke). Tried for last five minutes at 90+rpm cadence but noticed I was over 100rpm so I went for the last three minutes at 100+. Legs didn't mind it but lungs and heart did - long time since I did any cardio. MOAR!

    Next/Future Sessions: Same again, half hour session plus increased 100+rpm time at the end.


    Bike was still set up when it got to food time so a ten minute steady session (one mile, ten minutes) while the George Foreman made my bacon sarnies :D


    Tuesday 15th January

    Goal: Up the gear again, five minutes 100+ cadence
    Time: 30 minutes.
    Distance: 7.24 miles
    Cadence: 75rpm for 25 minutes, last 5 minutes 100rpm.
    Max Speed: 19.9mph
    Average Speed: 14mph
    Gear: 14 (of 21)
    Resistance: 1 (of 5)

    Feelings/Notes/Other: First session with new bike shorts and liners (Endura Hummvees) and felt better all around (without going into detail...). Sounds like the bike needs some attention before the next ride (probably in shock at the most use in years). Last five minutes were at 100+rpm cadence, an increase from the three last session. Needed to encourage myself from about the 3:15 point and was knackered at the end (climb off bike, lay on couch for five minutes knackered) but made it. Next time: MORE!

    Next/Future Sessions: Same again, half hour session plus increased 100+rpm time at the end, stay on bike after sprint and see if I can do a double session.
  4. Anth

    Anth Daft. Supporter

    Monday 20th January

    Goal: Steady 25 minutes in high gear, five minutes 100+ cadence
    Time: 30 minutes.
    Distance: 7.74 miles
    Cadence: 78rpm for 25 minutes, last 5 minutes 100+rpm.
    Max Speed: 23.5mph
    Average Speed: 15mph
    Gear: 18-20 (of 21) (Sprint - 14)
    Resistance: 1 (of 5)

    Feelings/Notes/Other: Same kind of session as last time with same sprint time. Higher gear for a higher pre-sprint speed (around 15mph). Felt a lot more knackered than I used to be in the higher gears, wondering where my old fitness that let me do 50+ miles has gone. Needed less encouragement in the sprint, getting to about 3:45 before saying "Howay Anth! Keep it gannin'!" but still needed a few minutes on the deck to recover. Got back on the bike for more though - :cry:

    Interval Training:
    6 x 20 second sprint/relax

    Feelings/Notes/Other: Something I saw on Guy Martin's Speed programme where Laura Trott had Martin do 20 seconds sprint, 20 seconds relax, six times. Those 20 seconds sprints are the longest 20 seconds ever, but the 20 seconds relax goes over waaaaay to quickly. Felt ok for the first few but the last couple had me knackered. Last one in particular started my stomach churning - been a while since I've pushed myself that far. Definitely need more time on that turbo.

    Next/Future Sessions: More 30 minute sessions with last five sprint, more intervals and need at least a session a week on pure distance.
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    Crappy half hour session today - hardly any energy from about 4 hours sleep (if I'm lucky) so couldn't manage the five minutes sprint.

    Goal: Make it through another episode of Band of Brothers, five minutes 100+ cadence
    Time: 30 minutes.
    Distance: 4.7 miles
    Cadence: 75rpm.
    Max Speed: 15.5mph
    Average Speed: 10.2mph
    Gear: 15-16 (of 21)
    Resistance: 1 (of 5)

    Feelings/Notes/Other: Had to call it quits after half an hour and drop the sprint session through pure knackeredness. Been eyeing up some more routes and bikes though so it seems like I'm doing too much reading and not enough riding. Next session on Friday when I should have had a bit more sleep :zzz:
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    Anth Daft. Supporter

    Goal: 15 minutes in highest gears.
    Time: 15 minutes.
    Distance: 4 miles
    Cadence: 75rpm.
    Max Speed: 17.7mph
    Average Speed: 15.6mph
    Gear: 20 (of 21)
    Resistance: 1 (of 5)

    Feelings/Notes/Other: Been a while since I was on the turbo (meds giving me a bad belly = not good on a bike) so I tried a quick fifteen minute jaunt in the higher gears. Sure enough, knackered legs and sweating like a pig straight away :( MUST get my room sorted so I can keep the turbo set up all the time (without falling over the bike at 3am).

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