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Discussion in 'Karate' started by PlumDragon, Aug 16, 2004.

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    Im looking at training under a student of Gary Dill, the founder of Bushido Kempo and a teacher of "Original JKD". Apparently his style of Bushido Kempo is based on Karate, Wing Chun, and JuJitsu, etc. He claims external and internal emphasis and claims it is well suited for street fighting.

    Ive read alot of info and feel I have a "classical mess" in my head! =) Does anyone have anything to say about Gary Dill, or Bushido Kempo? Has anyone trained under Gary Dill or in Bushido Kempo? Any info would be very helpful indeed.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Mr.Mugoto

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    Hi PlumDragon
    I’ll try to give an overview of his Bushido Kempo. I say his because I have seen other people use the name Bushido Kempo. I studied Jkd from under one of his instructors and did a couple seminars with him instructing, one being a Bushido Kemp seminar. Also my JKD instructor was training for his Bushido Kempo black belt (Once you get a black sash in Dills JKD your automatically a brown belt in Bushido Kempo)
    Dill referred to Bushido Kempo as “JKD theory using Kempo techniques” and “If JKD is like a machine gun then Bushido Kempo is like a shot gun”
    Everything was about breaking, instead of parrying or deflecting a blow you destroy the limb. Speed took a back seat to power, very much a one punch one kill mentality. The stance was dodgy, flat footed with your hands by your waist. Dill also adds a jo stick and katana to Bushido Kempo (He calls the sword style Jeet-ken-do: Way of the intercepting sword).
    My two cents: Dill wanted a style to call his own so he fused what he knows together. Did I find it effective? Not really. I found it slow, rigid with to much emphasize on pure destructive power and not speed and power combined.
    Hope this helps
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    So maybe it's a ...... :(
  4. Mr.Mugoto

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    to me it was. Maybe bigger, stronger people could get use out of it. I'm 5'7"
    and stubby. I need to hit and move.
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    Bushido Kempo

    My father studied under Mr. Dill and became a 3rd dan under him. I have not studied the art as a whole, but bits and pieces. I liked what i have been taught, but i have not been taught everything. But from what I know, it's a blood thirsty martial art. And like anything else, you have to take the ups with the downs, take what works for you and go with it. With that being said, my view is it's slow and mean.
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    Wow, 7.5 years between posts!

    Welcome to MAP :)
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    I've worked with Mr. Dill, his street fighting theory is on par with any other asian martial art. He does know what he is doing.

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