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    Hey guys, here's a brief outline of my story: I posted here 2 years ago at 120 lbs and 6'2", anyhow i followed advice and put on weight, recently i have increased my cardio to lose a little fat and get a healthier heart, but i'm slowly loosing weight and im down to 171lbs. Ideally i want to be 182.

    So i need advice on what my diet should consist of, here's my routine and diet as it stands:

    Day 1. 1 mile run warm-up (7 min mile) a bit of abs work, leg weights, then a 1 mile cooldown on the bike.

    Day 2. 1 Mile run warm- up, upperbody weights, 1 mile cooldown on the bike.

    Day3. Run 2 miles, (7.5/8 min mile)

    Rinse and repeat.

    I've noticed my strength has increased, but i've lost weight.

    Here's the diet:

    4 Rounds of toast for breakfast + Vitamin tablet
    After gym: packet of ricecakes + protein shakes.
    Lunch: 4 ham/chicken sandwiches, bag of crisps (chips for Americans i think) fruit smoothie.
    Have half a chicken breast between 2 slices of bread in the afternoon.
    Dinner: Chicken breast, fries, bread roll and a yogurt.
    Before bed: Half a chicken breast between 2 slices of bread.

    Thanks to anyone who read all that, and advice would be appreciated to what i should do. I want to keep my fat levels about the same, maybe a little less, just want to increase weight. Here's a smily to give it a bit of colour :D

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