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    Hi everybody,
    i want to share with everybody something interesting for Muay Thai lovers.
    This is an article about a young Italian fighter that is amazing..
    I found on the web an article about his last victory:

    "Mathias Gallo Cassarino winning his 5th belt: WPMF World Champion.
    Mathias fought against Juan Mario Kaewsamrit, a young spanish fighter who lives in Thailand in Kaewsamrit Gym.
    Great fight by Mathias who dominated his opponent all 5 rounds and got home the prestigious WPMF World Champion belt.
    Mathias Gallo Cassarino is a young talented Italian fighter who started fighting Full Muay Thai rules at the young age of 12 and today he's 20 and he's a big name in the World and in Thailand.

    He is part of the prestigious camp Sitsongpeenong located in Bangkok, same gym of Sittichai (n°1 Lumpinee 147lbs, n°5 Raja 147lbs,n°1 WBC 147, n°1 WMC 147 lbs) , Kem Sitsongpeenong(WBC 154lbs champ, Thai Fight 2011 Champ, 2012 Toyota marathon champ) and Tongchai 17 y.o. Luminee Champion 147 Lb.

    Today Mathias is a plurichampion and fights regularly in Thailand especially in Lumpinee Stadium located in Bangkok.
    2013 WPMF world champion (135lbs)
    2013 WBC Muay Thai International Champion (130 lbs)
    2013 N°10 WBC Muay Thai World Ranking (130 lbs)
    2012 Revolution Australian Champion (59 Kg)
    2011 South Thailand Champion )125 lbs)
    2010 WMC Muay Thai Against Drugs World Champion (58 Kg) – Queen’s Cup Thailand Vs Challenger
    2010 WMF Gold Medal (57 Kg)
    2009 IFMA Bronze Medal (60 Kg)

    He's also leader of the new born Muay Farang Team, a group of young talented Full Muay Thai Fighters, living and fighting in Thailand.
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    Welcome to MAP.

    Is this you, or a friend maybe?
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    I'm a fan of him and i follow their Blog..
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    I want to post about the dangers of children participating in semi or full contact fighting matches - From the article:
    But those that believe it's good will carry on believing and those that know it's bad will carry on knowing...
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    I agree with no head contact until at least 15 years ok, in this day and age and the money in the sport it's not worth it by a long shot
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    Not to be confused for someone who thinks children prize-fighting a good thing; however, for anyone familiar with the realities of life for the kon dern din, the money, as little as it seems to us, and the chance for a better life for their families are worth the risks and they'd find it difficult understand that those of us who'd take that away would claim to have their best interests at heart if we knew the alternatives they would then have to face.

    Years of toiling as a child labourer under very hard conditions would leave them no better off in any category.

    I realise that the OP is referring to a Farang, but as the lad grew up there and assimilated the culture to the extent that he did...

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