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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by furinkazan, Aug 10, 2014.

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    so currently I'm taking fitness more seriously and it's doing me wonders. My goals are more towards cardiovascular fitness, losing the belly remains and functional movement as opposed to raw bodybuilding. One key thing I want above everything else is flexibilty so everyday I'm doing yoga and stretching, often incorporating it into my workouts.

    All gym days start with yoga, 10 minutes bag-work and running 1km as warmup. All workouts currently ending with a sauna as well. As I get fitter, Im going to probably extend the bagwork by a few minutes ever 4 weeks and add another 100m to the run up till 1.5k as a start, one addition ever month.

    Currently, my gym has shut the pool area, so my old cooldown of a gentle swim for 20 minutes is off the table till november.

    Monday - Iaido for 2 hours

    Weights day:
    Squats - 12x3 sets 75kg
    Deadlift - 8x3 sets 90kg
    Overhead press - 8x3 sets 35 kg
    Inverted Leg Press 8x 3 sets 135kg

    2 hours freestyle parkour at high intensity (surprisingly hard core workout)

    Cable Crossovers/Pec Flies 12x3 sets 50kg
    Bench 8x3 sets 40kg
    Lat Pulldown 8x3 sets 55kg
    Hack squats 8x3 sets 50kg
    Bicep curl 103 sets 12.5kg

    Friday: Rest day

    Saturday: Lighter day
    Overhead press
    Lat Pulldown
    Reverse Crunch (bodyweight)
    Run as far as I can in 10 minutes

    Sunday: Currently
    Overhead press
    bicep curls

    that's what Im up to so far, I've got some changes I want to make here and there since I might be shifting up a weight in several of these, and I have the option to train ninjutsu on sunday more regularly again, so I might swap friday and saturday so I can be fresh for that.

    Any suggestions of what I can do to improove this or any tweaks I'd appreciate. I tend to recover pretty quickly as well (providing I sleep enough afterwards)
  2. LemonSloth

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    Yaaay! Another training log!

    How long have you been doing parkour? Have you noticed any benefits with your MA training?

    With the weights, are you following a program or are you just doing whatever you feel like?
  3. furinkazan

    furinkazan Valued Member

    The parkour I started last week. It's helped me free up the tension in my hips and neck that Ive been struggling with for a few years (plus, it's hitting my core a lot more than any other exercise I've done in a long time) It's challenging me cardiovascularly, and as a mild asthmatic, breaking the upper limit of what my body thinks it can take is important to me. While I'm not training any competative styles, I used to be getting near an attack by the end of an hours bujinkan training, and as far as Im concerned I want to be fitter than that (run further, faster, be more flexilble). The mental stimulation is a big plus as well.

    as for the weights, I'm following a plan my brother helped me develop. He's a powerlifting uk champion (and international after his last comp) and entirely about body building, but he stresses that squat, deadlift, bench and overhead press are the core for functional movement. While I'm not aiming to get big at all, I'm sticking to those as a basic routine, anything is else is there in case I haven't felt enough burn that session or fancy mixing in another exercise or two to prevent a plateau and keep adapting.

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