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    Hello, this is my Martial Arts Training Log.
    To help chronicle and develop my Martial Arts training, fitness training... mental, physical and spiritual training.

    Here is my training log. Consider me a beginner. As they say in Japan, Hajimemashite, Dozo Yoroshiku. Nice to meet you , please honor me with kindness.
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    I have a few years schooling in Karate, a couple in Taekwondo, and a little Brazilian Jui Jitsu schooling. I've never acheived a high rank in any of these styles. I am still green when it comes to martial arts, maybe I would place myself at a green belt level all around. Or maybe a white, it doesn't matter much. But I have alot of interest in martial arts for most of my life. I'm 37 years old.

    I have done fitness, strength, flexibility and other types of training throughout my lifetime. I have alot of interest in the Japanese Culture and also in martial art such as the different forms of Karate, Jujitsu, Judo, ninjitsu ect. I also like kung fu, MMA , Sumo , you name it.

    I am also involved in the visual arts which is not Martial Art but I think its worth noting the synchronicity and harmony of these two things. I am more of an artist than a martial artist. I also spend more time on arts than martial art. Drawing, painting , and music.

    But of course this is more of a martial arts training log.
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    The long road, the last few months:

    The last few months I had been running at a brisk pace, and running hard. Alternating between running hard and slow, and walking . Its really a super work out.

    I had been eating too much recently which screws up my whole metabolism and performance, and trying to grapple with this bad habit.

    I have been training punching kicking , kata, drills; during this time. I was able to achieve alot of performance improvement after a long hiatus of doing nothing. (prior to this journal) I would often go out into the woods among nature and train kata there. As the animals and nature around me was a nice setting and the energy of nature was flowing all around me.

    I have been doing stretching and meditating during this time. Meditating is an area I have several years experience with.
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    Moving on, a new road:

    I had just recently moved into a new place. There is a taekwondo dojo near where I live and I am crossing it every day when I take a walk/jog in the morning. I am wondering about joining but have a dilemna (I have made a post about this in the questions forum)

    I have been doing kata , and drilling most every morning lately. Emphasis on form, power , punches , kicks, balance, and practicing the
    basic ground work I had learned many years ago in karate school.

    Its been going well , I get a super workout, and I feel much more confidence, energy , and spiritual power flowing through me. It's like old times. :)

    I have two ankle injuries and a right wrist injury , but they are slight , and I should be able to rest, and work around them.
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    may 12 am
    feeding the fire

    going out in the morning for early jog/walk. I took a walk/jog course in college it was one of the best classes I took. Because alternating between walking and jogging and running is a really good way to test and maximize the running experience. Like playing around with different speeds and so on.

    get back at the apartment I do 1/2 hour of drilling. Punches and kicks mainly. Basics, just drilling. My muscles are a bit weary from the previous days but a driving force pushes me forward. Afterwards I feel tired but refreshed and good.
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    may 15
    mercy and mileage

    am : took a jog/walk , at a slowish pace. because feeling kind of worn out lately. And it was hot. a few miles.

    got back did an hour of practice with basic katas I have learned. Also at a semi relaxed pace. So that I feel loose and good after the workout. Still a good workout.

    Was out drinking last night with a neighbor and he is a bit disabled physically so I had to help him move around after he was sloshed. (I showed him some of my karate and he seemed like he was impressed.) Didn't get in any fights. Makes me reminded that a good lesson of martial art is to show mercy and be helpful to people like this guy who was disabled.

    The training continues. I would like to get into a routine where Im training in some way at least almost every day. or as much as would get the maximum potential/benefit.
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    may 17


    practice and thoughtfullness

    doing some practice this morning. Slowing down on my power moves because I had been doing a lot of power kicks , punches and running , and I am today slowing down and working on form of forms.
    angle, momentum, balance, and movement with kata for a while. maybe I will do some more later. Going to a nature reserve today so that should be a peaceful serene setting to relax.

    Have a bad habit of eating too much lately. Have to cut back on that...

    In doing my forms, kicks , chops and so on, I find that alot of power is not only in exertion but form . Its at least enough to get a good workout it seems.

    onward the journey continues...
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    may 18
    inching towards greater things

    warm up 1/2 hour. Did some basic stretches , some easy movements, some body wieght and testing myself out with punches kicks, knees. All getting geared my body for the training. To protect against injury and all that. Warm up is good.

    45 min kata . trying for more variation in the basics I know. Low punch high punch, low kick , variations on angles of the movements, trying to test around with speed , power. I'm still not in very good shape as I'd like to be. Want to lose a bit of wieght and that would be good

    few miles walk/jog/run, felt pretty good. My running area is a major highway which I'm not too fond of all the traffic but its pretty good. takes about an hour outside.

    I keep thinking I need ways to progress overall. To keep at the same level is stagnation. Always trying to increase the experience of training.
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    May 22

    Pushing vs going with the flow.

    Still haven't signed up to a school yet. I want to get in some decent shape and, well, I can't afford it right now. But you can always train if you have your own private dojo.

    did some hard training the other night, I really wanted to test my limits. I was surprised how I could keep on going, the adrenaline was fueling my variety of kicks and punches with a lot of oommph.

    I think its good to test yourself once in awhile like this. Of course today I'm feeling a bit sluggish in my workout. my kicks are very weak this morning. Some good punching but very much feeling the tiredness of my workout the other night.

    So I'm going to listen to karate sensei I read about; " learn to go with nature instead of push against it" It seems I do my best when I do it this way. But sometimes its good to push.

    ossu @_@
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    May 23

    Overcoming lack of motivation

    One of the problems of not going to the gym is you need self discipline.
    I was really feeling lazy this morning. But I wanted to practice, so I had to muster the will to do it. It seemed hard at first. I was sluggish, my kicks were very weak. So I practiced on punches . palms, knife hand strike, ect. I was beginning to feel my energy improving. Then I started kicking. Pretty Basic kicks but eventually my form locked in to gear. I was feeling the flow of the kata take over.
    I went on for an hour like this. Im feeling like I had overcome some sort of obstacle. and I want to practice more...
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    may 24

    pushing past the plateau

    slight headache this morning. I was drinking a bit last night. So I started to workout, doing my basic punch/kick routine. I was pretty sluggish , kind of like yesterday. Its been a trend lately. I'm starting to think I'm plauteauing. Need to get over that hump. I gave up after about 15 mins because I was tired, but I wanted to continue so I got up and started again. uppercuts, hammer fists, low kick , front kick, straight punch. I continue to strive too not just put power into my moves but getting some kind of flow.

    worked out for about 45 mins, feeling ok. But the hunger to improve is kind of haunting me.
    onward , ossu!
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    may 25

    the punch and the passion

    had a good training session this morning. Started with some stretching, something I have been neglecting. And it feels like it helped. I was trying to loosen up a bit , not throw my kicks and punches with such hard force. This had a good effect. My moves were snappy . Although my kicks were a bit off , I think I did ok. Positive thinking , focus, is good for controling the body. I occasionallly get tired ,and was working up a sweat. Feeling the passion for martial art. In the end I did many vareities of punching kicking , and thier variants for an hour.

    I wrote in the last log I was thinking I was hitting a plateau, but training every day like this I feel like I am in a good place. I'm a bit restless though and energetic so I plan to supplement my workouts with meditation which I had made a thread on earlier. I am a natural at meditation so it should be no problem and increase my restlessness.

    train on then! yoshi!
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    Memorial day martial mayhem
    may 26

    training today, basic stuff as usual . Punch, kick , and variants . Trying to train so it doesnt feel like another drop in the bucket , but its enriching my self. I was watching an old video of Kanazawa he was saying karate should aim to achieve harmony with nature, it seems like the kind of thing I'm trying to aim for.

    the training session was good. about an hour. My punches and kicks , I'm trying to meld them together into a synergy. Trying to find that harmony. Flow , power, control, mental control. its easy to throw more punches and kicks but mental control seems to be an important component to finding that harmony.

    onward training, good training. Ganbarou!
  14. Fujimoru

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    may 28

    another rest day, cutting cals

    overdid my exercise on memorial day with about 3 workouts. so I have been resting. Which kind of depresses me. I am having another rest day and thinking what can I do in the meantime training wise?
    So I have been wanting to cut down some calories. I have gained 30 spare lbs in the past few months and so I need to eat less. So thats the plan, get my nutrition together. just had a light breakfast w coffee. I think the key to success with cutting cals is smaller portions. pretty simple formula.

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