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    Rapid Arnis London will be kicking off 2016 with a free open session, followed by an optional grading for students who wish to move up through the ranks. Over the years, RAL has produced a number of fine practitioners and instructors, some of whom will be returning to teach selected parts of the Rapid Arnis cirriculum. This is a great oppotunity for newcomers to see what Rapid Arnis is about, and for regular students to experience training under some of the other instructors in the RAL family. If you are interested in attending, please use the contact details below.

    Sunday January 17th, 1400h


    Urban Warriors Academy
    Arch 12 Miles St
    SW8 1RZ

    Andrew Janson – 2nd deg sr blackbelt
    Paul Murray – 2nd deg sr blackbelt
    Carl Rein – 2nd deg sr blackbelt
    James Dismore – jr blackbelt

    1400h-1700h: Open session
    1700h-1900h: Grading
    1900: Grab a well-earned bite to eat!

    Please bring sticks and daggers if you have them. If not, equipment will be provided.

    Andy – 07973 240 177 or
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    If it was closer to home I'd be all over it like a tramp on chips.

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