Founding a Kung Fu System

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by Lame Leopard, May 7, 2004.

  1. Lame Leopard

    Lame Leopard Valued Member

    Have any of you started your own kung fu system based on your needs and perhaps perceived deficiencies in what you have studied? Was the effort you put into it worth it?
  2. ranger

    ranger New Member

    have you read an article written by Steven Drape about an art he calls Kuntao Silat? well, he talks about a teacher which he didn't name, who modified Pa qua to fit his needs totally created his own system and made it even a deadlier art. :) in our practice of arnis once you have advance in training you begin to create your own we call it Widow. i integrated my practice of Hsing-i to my karate ofcors this is just fitting for me and i've never taught it or would wish teach it later on. definitely worth it. :)
  3. Lame Leopard

    Lame Leopard Valued Member

    Ranger: I haven't seen the article you mention, but I'd sure like to read it. Thanks for the thoughts.
  4. ranger

    ranger New Member

    i don't know how to link the article but since its short i copy paste it.

    i took this essay by Steven Drape from The Fighting Arts Home Page
    A Fledgling E-zine for the Martial Arts Enthusiasts of Central New York
    ©1996,1997, Robert R. Latham, II. All Rights Reserved
    June Edition

    good day! :)
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  5. Lame Leopard

    Lame Leopard Valued Member

    Ranger: Thanks for taking the time to type it. I'm going to copy and keep for my files. I, too, and a doer more than a teacher. Over the years I have coached football, basketball, baseball, softball, and tried to show others some martial arts stuff. I've never been a real good teacher of any of these kinesthetic activities, but doing them physically comes pretty easy for me. I'd much rather do than teach. I like the idea of people of different cultures learning from each other whether it be martial arts, food preparation, or whatever. Learning how others look at things can enhance our own lives.
  6. ranger

    ranger New Member

    sorry for the late reply i've been very busy these past few days and i'm still am by the way, thank you too. and your very welcome. the teacher Steven Drape is talking about is my sensei's late teacher.:)
  7. dustIn credible

    dustIn credible Valued Member

    man thats really cool. Mine is kinda like that because my sifu came from the phillipeans with a chinese type MA, he calls White Tiger not Bak fu Pai, but Bak fu do is the name he used.
  8. ranger

    ranger New Member

    careful with the spelling. thats Philippines :)

    please tell us more about your art. :)
  9. KungfuDanny

    KungfuDanny New Member

    In twenty years time I'll develop my own style of Kung fu. It shall be known as Swooping Seagull style and have 50 Forms and 300 Basic Moves, most of which I will invent on a day to day basis. I will be known as a Grandmaster and my desciples shall adore me (it will be particulaly marketed at the female martial artist because of this). I will live in a woodern Chinese Dojo built by my disciples and sit cross-legged in a cool manner. I'll even learn to eat with cropsticks.

  10. blue-sash

    blue-sash Banned Banned

    Found this system on the internet.

    Have any of you seen this!

    This guy has made up his own style, and it seems to be successful.

    Site doesn't say much about his previous experience, but the monks that he's with must think he's Ok to poise with him.

    I suppose all styles have to start somewhere.

  11. Ninestep

    Ninestep grumpy old man

    "This guy has made up his own style, and it seems to be successful"

    If you read through the site you will see that it is based on Lions Roar Tibetan Lama style (Tibetan White Crane).

    "but the monks that he's with must think he's Ok to poise with him."

    Its not difficult to have 'shaolin' monks pose for pictures with one, nor most famous martial artists come to that.
  12. dustIn credible

    dustIn credible Valued Member

    I took it from about 8 till i was 16. So ive had a good 5 years to learn other arts, (which my sifu incouraged) Bac Fu Do is an eclectic art consists of Wing Chun (primarily straight line techniques and close infighting), Choy Lay Fut (circular and sweeping techniques), and Northern Sil Lum (long range techniques with many kicks for open spaces). He also took some Jujitsu, taught me mostly defense. Some Escrima. Currently im just training with some friends, looking for a Wing Chun school in my area (with no luck as of today) and reading up on Chin Na.
  13. ranger

    ranger New Member

    don't get me wrong although my sensei learned from this guy my sensei has other teachers. he was permitted to learn from original styles of martial arts and we never propagated it as different style. we disected the strategies to fit our own. if indeed we are going to teach it we'll teach the original art. the student is responsible to develop it to fit their own if they will it. :)
  14. Lame Leopard

    Lame Leopard Valued Member

    KungfuDanny: Now this swooping seagull style kung fu sounds interesting. Sounds like a person would have to take up skydiving or hang gliding to swoop successfully.
  15. blue-sash

    blue-sash Banned Banned

    SO what do you think?

    Ninestep, thanks for the input. Are you saying that this is a good system because it has a good base?
    Or are you saying is is not, because of the comment about the posing in the pictures?

    I have to admit that the pic of all the monks looks good except for the two guys in the shiny purple suits. Their stances/hand positions look very weird!!
    But then again I can only gauge this by my own limited knowledge.
    I gather you are very knowledgable within the arts.

    What do you think? or is this non-pc to ask in public?

  16. little_monkey

    little_monkey New Member


    I have actually tried and am still working on my own fighting form. I call it "sleepy drunk". It will probably end up using a lot of internal strikes. but its hard to create one cause all the good ideas are taken.
  17. Lame Leopard

    Lame Leopard Valued Member

    Hey Little Monkey. We'll get together and have a few beers and be in the right frame of mind before we practice your drunk system :D

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