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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Grizwald, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Grizwald

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    Time for an update I'd say.

    I did manage to get to the gym early in the new year, did my assessment, went back a few days later to do a run through on the equipment and a basic workout. Life/work/family/laziness all seems to have conspired against me to keep me out of the gym since then.

    However, tonight I had my first TKD class of the year. My instructor runs a few casual classes during the holiday period and I made time tonight to go to the first one. Damn I feel good after a TKD class! I know it's probably just the endorphin talking, I can blow off the gym day after day, but as soon as there is a TKD class on I am there. I love trying to understand my own psychology.

    Doing some more research into Hapkido tonight, still thinking about taking that up as well. Its class will start up for the new year in a couple of weeks.

    Weight: Not great, didn't weigh in last week, but I am probably up about 1.5 kgs from my low posted earlier. I'm not too fussed though, I know once I get back into a good routine it will continue to fall off. Diet still needs work.

    Am probably going to have DOMS tomorrow and the next day as a result of tonight's TKD class, oh well. :D
  2. Grizwald

    Grizwald Valued Member


    Had a full contact (no head kicks) sparring class on Monday, something that I don't always do, and while it was a lot of fun, I sweat my butt off, and have really sore muscles and some nice purple bruises to show for it today :)

    Weight: 115.4 kgs. Doh, put on a couple of kgs over Christmas, but that will start falling off quickly as I get back into the routine.
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    Keep it up man! :D
  4. Grizwald

    Grizwald Valued Member

    Yesterday was Australia Day, had the day off work, spent it with family. Didn't go to class or gym so just had to do what I could around the house.

    1 x walk on the beach with the dog, approx 2 km.

    1 x 20 push ups, then 1 x 10 push ups. Which is actually pretty good for me, I must be building some strength in those muscles.

    1 x 20 twisting sit ups, working side abs.

    1 x 16 chair dips, was trying for 20 but didn't make it.
  5. Grizwald

    Grizwald Valued Member

    Been doing random push ups, sit ups, chair dips when I could during the TKD break, but have really struggled to get to the gym during the day time.

    TKD class is back on, woohoo, first class back last night. We had a pretty full on class, I was dripping with sweat the whole time. Woke up early this morning feeling great, got really tired this afternoon and am just about to go to bed, its 9pm here. I take it that is all a good thing.

    We did contact sparring again last night, my bruises hadn't quite recovered from last sparring class though. :)

    Into my weekly routine, I'm planning on adding either a Hapkido class, or a full on competition TKD training class. Competition TKD class will be more cardio work and probably be better for quicker weight loss, but I like the look of Hapkido too, but I don't think I can do both. Decisions, decisions.
  6. Osu,

    Are you logging all your training and workouts Grizwald? :)

  7. Grizwald

    Grizwald Valued Member

    My intention is to log all serious workouts, I haven't been logging every time I do a few pushups/situps around the house though.

    Sometimes I wander off into random thoughts as well.... ;)
  8. Grizwald

    Grizwald Valued Member

    Decided to add a competition TKD sparring class, instead of Hapkido, to my weekly routine. With weight loss my primary goal, the sparring class will be much more of a cardio workout. I can always take up Hapkido later. ;)

    So now my weekly routine looks like:

    Monday: Traditional TKD class
    Friday: Traditional TKD class
    Saturday: Competition TKD class

    Not the best timing, but the best currently possible with work/family commitments.

    Still need to add in a gym session or two, but I think I will give my body some time to recover from today's sparring class, I hurt from head to toe at the moment! :D
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  9. slipthejab

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    Good stuff man. The more movement you get in the the better off you're going to be. Amp that with a bit of adrenalin from sparring and you're on the right track. Motion beats sedentary every single time!

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