First proper grading

Discussion in 'Judo' started by Lucius, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Lucius

    Lucius Valued Member

    And by "first proper grading", I mean one that I had to fight in.

    I graded on Sunday and happily got the points I needed for my green belt.
    Whats even better than that however, is just how much I enjoyed being on the mat.
    In the past, I've fought in lots of Karate tournaments and some Muay Thai interclubs, but I can't say I particularly enjoyed them much, especially the Karate tourneys. I enjoyed being at them with my team-mates and the like, but something definitely seemed to be lacking, and I used to be terribly affected by nerves.
    On Sunday, as I stood across the mat from my first opponent, I suddenly realised that far from being nervous, I was really looking forward to the fight and just enjoying being there!

    So all in all, a succesful day, a spanking new belt and a warm, happy glow from enjoying my Judo a huge amount.
  2. Captain_Coward

    Captain_Coward Ne-Waza Worm


    I really should have been there, i expect a beating tonight :-(

  3. meesey

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    Congrats lucious, i have my first fight grading in october or november, although i have fought before in judo and lost i might add, this will be the first grading fight. Whats even more nerve wracking is that we have to travel to walsall cause all the gradings are done there now, so everyone regionally is graded the same, which i guess is a bonus....

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