First kickboxing match, against a tkd guy...

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by ilitrit, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. burungkol

    burungkol Team Yaw-Yan

    I would have to say you've had a great fight! :D Congratulations! :)
  2. sean

    sean THOR!

  3. glenchuy

    glenchuy has two left feet

    congratulations nontheless! full contact MMA sparring is fun eh? :) i do it twice a month during sundays.

    btw, what's "hook" kick? half-moon crescent kicks? you got hit by half-moon kicks and you didn't get pushed back?! :eek: you must be like... one tough dude.
  4. ilitrit

    ilitrit New Member

    i told you he was shocked at what all I was taking and not going down
  5. whaledawg2

    whaledawg2 Runaway love machine

    First, please post the video. I'd love to see it.

    Second, you know you can have your nose cauterised(spelling) right? If your planning on fighting regularly it might be a good idea.
  6. azn tiger

    azn tiger New Member

    congrats man. sounds like an awsome fight. 7 months to 16 years is crazy. if he was connecting on hook kicks, and they weren't affecting you, you must either be really tough or his hook kicks weren't up to par. Being a TKD practitioner i must say that the best way to beat many of them are to try to get in close, since most of them are primarly kickers than they can't defend punches as well, nor dish them out. I can't say this goes for all TKD practitioners though, i know that when people get in on me, I am more than confident that they are going to be tasting my fist.
  7. samuri-man

    samuri-man New Member

    tkd and kicks they'll do that to ya a tkd guy trains at my dojo and kicks bad please post the vidio it'll be interesting to watch.

  8. sean

    sean THOR!

    Does that actually make ANY sense?

    Neither does your sig,
  9. james37cu

    james37cu New Member

    kickboxers Vs TKD

    Hi I am a kickboxer and have won at all levels Continuos and point stop. The best way to beat a TKD fighter is when they chamber their front leg and 'atempt' to try and hop across the mat flicking there leg out trying to score simply cresent kick it down, hack their leg down with ur left foot and follow it up with a reverse side kick then if nessarsary spin round with a turning kick to finish them off if fighting continous! my advice to u is also to when fighting point stop against a TKD fighter simple keep moving left and right to get away from their built in straight shots from kicks and punches, becuase they always goto kick by planting there feet for no reason which means their stuck if u move out the way. plus all TKD fighters havent got a clue what to do if u blitz them with punches as there not used to it. (no disrespect to TKD people) sure they can pick several faults out with kickboxers??...please respond to this post. James happy to help with sparing techniques,
  10. d33pthought

    d33pthought New Member

    A hook kick is exactly like a roundhouse, but in reverse: Instead of swinging your leg from outside to in using your hip, you swing it from inside to up to out using your hip, and make the hook by bending your leg at the knee when you strike. Also, you hit with your heel instead of your instep, so you don't feel it when you hit, but they do!

    Also, I'll venture a guess that when ilitrit said his opponent's hooks weren't doing damage, it was hook punches, and not hook kicks that he was talking about.
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  11. ilitrit

    ilitrit New Member

    negative :) i meant hook kicks. He connected with a couple of them, his legs were FAST.
  12. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    Be careful of tkd axe kicks. They are my secret weapon.
  13. Highkick

    Highkick Banned Banned

    Mabey you should ask a TKDer. Get in close. If not, expect a turning kick or hook kick in the chin. Get in there and punch like a madman
  14. iixtacyii

    iixtacyii New Member


    If hes a TKD guy most like hes trying to come out flashy and using kicks and punches that arent meant for a "real fight".. IF you train in kickboxing just spar...spar and spar.. Try to use good boxing punching combo's, keep them straight and mix them up. if he is just training in TKD hes not experience with those kind of punches...
  15. Stalkachu

    Stalkachu resU deretsigeR

    Not meaning to be, y'know, an ass about this, but the match was over 4 months ago. Sometimes it's a good idea to read the first post in the thread carefully before you reply. Can't put you down for trying to be helpful, though. ^_^

    Take care,

  16. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    Try and learn something about TKD before you post crap.

    Flashy kicks? If you think a charging side kick, or a roundhouse aimed at your knees are too flashy then I guess we are guilty.

    Not trained in punches? What planet do you live on man? We punch in TKD. TKD is in fact (when taught properly) 70% punches.

    In fact I spared an amature boxer yesterday and mannaged to survive. I owned with the kicks. He did hit me with the hardest punch I have ever taken before on the side of the head. Lucky my helmet took some of the force off it.

    I think you are generalising from some kids TKD school that you either saw or went to. Either that or you have been reading to many posts on here from people that have gone to the kids schools and believe them as fact.

    TKD is a milatary art. Have you ever been hit by a TKD kick? I dont think you have.

    Also this post was quite awhile ago, giving the guy your "advice" now aint gonna help him.
  17. iixtacyii

    iixtacyii New Member


    I wasn't trying to insult any TKD student..Just making a point of most amatuer TKD training..
    Anyone that says that a amatuer TKD student is the most effective person in sparring, then you hav'nt sparred to many people... Anyone that has never sparred b4 and the first time they get into a ring, they really find out just what punches and kicks cant be used in a "real fight situation"... And your statement about punches.. YOUR TELLING ME THAT A TKD STUDENT IS GONNA HAVE MORE EXPERIENCE WITH PUNCH COMBOS MORE THEN A BOXER OR A KB'r????? WOW FACT
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  18. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    Of course they dont have as much experience with punching as boxers. Thats obvious. Boxers spend their whole time punching, but saying that TKDist dont punch shows that you know nothing on the matter so giving advice on it aint gonna help anyone.

    What is this? TKD is not all fly kicks. How many times do we have to defend our art before people realise that we dont just jump off walks and fly kick the whole time.

    What kicks that TKD do arent supposed to be used in a "real fight". Are you telling me that my side kick into the kneecaps aint gonna work and is too flashy. Is my low roundhouse sweep too flashy for you man?

    Buy yourself a clue. :rolleyes:
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  19. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    Doesnt sound like it mate. Telling me that my art is way too flashy and isnt going to work in a fight insults me alot. I have seen TKD used in 100s of fights. I have used TKD in fights, I have even seen spinning "flashy" kicks used in fights, they all worked.
  20. Thrice

    Thrice New Member

    in this case how can you explain olympic TKD? no punches and i was a little ****ed with the whole thing. surely olympic TKD should represent the full fighting art??

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