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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Errrm, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Errrm

    Errrm Valued Member

    I live in Ashby but I train at Midlands Combat Academy and I'm fighting a week or 2 before the warriors promotion, some people I train with will be fighting at the warriors fight night and I'll probably be going along to cheer them on.

    Thanks for the advice, I'm generally at the moment doing longer runs to try and shift some of the fat on my body but it seems it might be worth changing that for the short term gains.

  2. legkicker

    legkicker Valued Member

    what weight are you?
    im going to be fighting a week before warrior promotions in the light continuous show in derby.
    Its a good venue with nice atmosphere
  3. Errrm

    Errrm Valued Member

    I'm fighting in the 75kg to 80kg class. I've been told it's a lot more casual then warrior fight night! :)
  4. Errrm

    Errrm Valued Member

    Thanks for all the advice, I had my first fight today!!!

    Now baring in mind that I've been kickboxing for almost 5 months and it was my first fight, I got matched against someone who is trained by an ex-world champion and had already had 6 fights (4 wins) so yes I lost :)!!! I know the unofficial rules seem to be that I have to provide evidence but can I be excused from providing evidence of me losing? ;-)
  5. legkicker

    legkicker Valued Member

    Was it the ace fighters tournament?
    i fought Jake the snake richards from the Uska gym trained by neal kelly
  6. Errrm

    Errrm Valued Member

    Yeah that was the tournament, I fought someone from USKA trained by the Neal Kelly as well.
  7. montana

    montana Valued Member

    have you got a vid of your fight out of interest?
  8. Errrm

    Errrm Valued Member

    Yes, but I didn't do very well so I don't really want to post it :)
  9. tideliar

    tideliar Valued Member

    Go on! Humility is good for the soul!

    also, you might get some good advice...

    (fwiw, i had a vid up of me getting pasted by my imstructor whilst sparring. It opened with me doubled over from a gut shot :D)
  10. Errrm

    Errrm Valued Member

    lol, ok here you go...

    [ame=""]First kickboxing fight - YouTube[/ame]

    Please bear in mind it was my first fight after almost 5 months of training against someone who has had 6 fights and won 4 of them.... be nice ;-)

    Edit - I'm the taller one who is in the left side corner :)
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  11. tideliar

    tideliar Valued Member

    Good on yer mate!! :woo:

    Aside from looking a bit overwhelmed in the opening few seconds (which is totally understandable) I reckon you looked good! Most of your oppos punches missed, I noticed :D

    Was that your mates yelling "Use your kicks"?

    Well done mate. Be proud. Takes a lot of moxie to get in the ring (and even more to post the vid up here! :p)

    When's the next one? :D
  12. Errrm

    Errrm Valued Member


    Yeah it was my instructor and people I train with shouting for me to use more kicks. It's the thing I'm finding hardest due to lack of flexibility. I'm not sure when/if I'll have another fight I'm going to take a bit of time to work on my sparring and get my confidence back :).

  13. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    Try to control the centre of the ring more. Your opponent dominated this fight from the beginning mostly in part to his central placing and keeping you on the back foot around the outside.

    Try to stretch more often to improve your flexibility, so that you can throw those kicks that get the points. Even if you can't kick to the head, you should try to throw more kicks to the the body to open up his guard. Then you can let rip with punches.

    Best thing to do, though, would be to enter more fights, instead of taking a break. It's the only way you'll improve.
  14. Matt B

    Matt B Valued Member

    Just read through this one as I'd quite like to have a a go in the ring (although the idea is terrifying!). Even if i only did it once it's an experience isn't it!

    Are you going to fight again?
  15. Errrm

    Errrm Valued Member

    I might do but I started BJJ a few months ago so I want to compete in that first. The one thing I would say is that I competed after only ~4.5 months of training and I fought someone who had already had 6 fights and was fighting long before I started training. He also was in the british squad I believe, looking back I probably fought to soon and I should have left it longer. At the moment I'm still getting my confidence back and have only just thought that I might fight again.

    So what I'm really saying is if you want to fight then spar lots so you get used to fighting and then make sure you aren't doing it too soon.

    Good luck, let us know what you decide.

  16. k1ckboxer

    k1ckboxer Valued Member

    don’t mean to put the dampeners on this post or disrespect anyone but.. having your first fight after 4months of training is a complete waste of everyone’s time i would say, what was your instructor thinking? even if you’re a natural and take to the sport like a duck to water, you simply wouldn’t have the experience or technique. i reckon its only worth doing it if you have at least 1/2years experience behind you, and are sparring against higher belts every session and holding your own.
    what did you learn from this fight that you didn't already know.. that you wasn't ready and need to train for longer? and? ok so you have proved that you have the balls to enter the ring, and that’s the only positive thing I can see.
    if you just wanted to fight someone, then why no pop down to your local pub at nr closing time and mouth a few people up that should do the job in seconds.
    I know this all sounds a bit harsh but will be interested to read what other kickboxers really have to say.
    reading threads like this could well give other inexperienced kickboxers the wrong message and lead to possible injury or loss of confidence and therefore damage the sport. my response is NOT aimed at the fighter its aimed at the instructor. COME ON GUYS THIS IS WRONG!
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  17. Errrm

    Errrm Valued Member

    You entitled to your opinion.

    I don't think my instructor did anything wrong. I don't think I was totally outclassed in the fight, it was supposed to be against another novice with a similar fight record/experience i.e. not someone who has been fighting in competitve bouts atleast a year before I started and not someone who had already won 4 fights out of 6 and was also in the British Squad. I learnt alot I think about the differences between sparring and fighting and I learnt that I need to improve my kicks (a lot :)).

  18. BROWN

    BROWN Valued Member

    This is exactley why Imo kickboxer is wrong.
  19. chipandpin

    chipandpin New Member

    I enjoyed watching that clip and thought you looked very composed and put up a good fight.

    Re the original post, Im in the same situation with a fight coming up in November - Its my first fight and I have been training for a couple of years with a couple of breaks inbetween due to injuries. The advise I have been given is to take the training one step at a time - at the moment I am concentrating mainly on technique with very little power - in the next few weeks i will be combining the techniques with power and finally focussing on fitness. We are currently doing quite a bit of hand and leg techniques with light weights (1 - 2 kg)- I know its quite controvertial but I personally find it helpfull in perfecting technique - and all of the movements are performed in a slow controlled manner, so no whiping punches out and locking the elbow which is where you start to pick up injuries.

    also, re running, I have been told that 8 minute mile is a good pace for boxers / kickboxers, and to try to keep the pace the same regardless of incline. I would be interested to hear what distances people on here are running in the build up to a fight and at what pace? I haven't started running yet but will be doing in the next few weeks. aslo I am told that sprinting to a lampost, jog to the next, sprint to the next and so on is the most effective form of interval training and is prefereable to a treadmill.

    Re k1ckboxers comment - I disagree. A big part of the reason i train kickboxing and muay thai is the competitive side of it and can't wait to get in the ring for my first fight. As long as the fight is evenly matched, i dont think it matters whether you have been training 4 months or 4 years - the first fight for me is about the experience of getting in the ring with a crowd of spectators and fighting someone who i dont know or dont train with. I feel that i will learn a lot about myself on both a physical level as well as a psychological level when i fight in November. I also believe that fighting competitively will help put the training I do into context.

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