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    Hey guys,

    This is my first time posting here. I have wanted to start a learning a Martial Art for a long time now, and after a lot of searching I have decided I really would like to try some Filipino Martial Art style, in particular Kali.

    I'm a bartender, and I'm just tired of the continual routine that I'm stuck in, because I'm not really sure what I'm doing with my life; and I truly think that being able to train in a Martial art will smooth things out a little, and break up the week.

    The only problem is that I know where to even start looking for an instructor. Does anyone know of anyone good in Melbourne who doesn't charge an absolutely exorbitant amount of money?

    Thank you in advance!!
  2. frownland

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    I train with Cacoy Doce Pares Melbourne. I can give you contact details if you're interested.
  3. ap Oweyn

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    One of the first things you need to know is that "kali" isn't a style. It's one of three equally generic terms for Filipino martial arts (alongside "eskrima" and "arnis"). In fact, almost nobody in the Philippines themselves uses the term. It's much more indicative of FMA's spread into the West.

    Frownland mentioned Doce Pares. That's a style. (My primary style too, as it happens.) There are numerous FMA (Filipino martial arts) styles out there. I'd advise that you don't pay much heed to the terms "kali," "eskrima," and "arnis."

    I've studied one of each. Inosanto Kali, Doce Pares Eskrima, and Modern Arnis. And the similarities far outweighed the differences in each instance.

    A better question would be what about FMA appeals to you? In terms of weaponry, range, technique, etc. That's much better grounds for determing a specific style.

    Of course, the primary thing is that FMA isn't as widespread as some styles. So availability is the first consideration. What's around?

    Does that make sense?
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    I know there are some Balintawak guys out there. Balintawak is another style like the aforementioned Doce Pares and both arts are derived from the same source in Cebu. So give Balintawak a Google too and see if there's anything near you. Another option is hitting up the FMA (Filipino martial arts) specific forums like fmatalk and Myfma to find a group . Kali/Arnis/Eskrima are still relatively new arts to the rest of the world and a lot of groups train in parks and garages. So even if you can't find a commercial school there may be groups around.
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    That's a very good point at the end there. You sometimes have to look in some pretty unconventional places. I found my Modern Arnis group by attending the Filipino American Student Club at the university where I was doing my grad work.
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    Hi firsttimer,
    I am based in the South east (Cranbourne) and teach Nasubukang Arnis. I have sent you a private message with further details if you're still interested.
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