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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by dredleviathan, Feb 11, 2003.

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    One of the coaches at my gym is an old time boxer and always talks about the way the Mexicans, Cubans and Puerto Ricans fight. He reckons that they have brilliant footwork and angulation and suggested that I should watch some of the fights.

    So I was wondering does anyone here have any suggestions of particular fighters that I should look out for either present day or past fighter? Any good videos that I can get hold of?

    By the way did anyone watch the boxing on BBC1 last Saturday? I'm just starting to really appreciate it now that its back on terrestrial.

    What do you reckon to Audley's win or career chances? I've been pretty underwhelmed (yet secretly hopeful) since he turned pro to be honest and don't really see how he's got a chance at a belt unless he really steps it up, boxes well and fights better opponents (and wins). Shame really considering his amateur career.

    On the other hand he did land some cracking shots against Calloway (who I thought boxed really well too and you have to give him credit for the weight difference) and at least this time he looked fit... but if his shorts were any higher he might as well wear a polo neck and be done with it. :p It was a shame about the jaw I had the feeling that Audley was about to turn up the gas and I think if he did he might have given his critics something to think about - am I being too patriotic and wanting another British hopeful? On the positive side at least he's acknowledged that his performance isn't all it should be.

    How about Danny Williams loss? I was pretty gutted as he looked good to start with... maybe I was being fooled by the Dreadnaught style of Samil Sam - I've never liked boxers like this but then it got the job done I suppose.

    Funny that Harrison and Williams had opposite problems on Saturday. Harrision had no jab to talk of but a good rear hand. Williams was pretty much all jab.

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