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    This topic has indeed been discussed many time in the past, including the threads you listed from SFI. The members of ARMA do know the topic by heart and we take it to heart with the passion with which we study these lost arts. The only reason the topic came up again is because you made a claim of a living tradition of longsword in a manner that implied that it is an unbroken tradition with roots in the Renaissance. It seems we were mis-understand your statement. I thank you for posting the links to the threads on SFI and for discussing your longsword tradition. Your discussion and the threads makes clear to all of us that your living tradition of longsword only extends back to a fairly recent re-creation in either the early 20th century or the late 19th century and is not an unbroken living tradition back to the actual longsword combat martial arts of the Renaissance. Hopefully this issue is settled for all of us. But many of us in ARMA are always ready, willing, and able to discusss this topic when it comes up.

    Again, I thank you for clearing up this mis-understanding.
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    Sorry, I don't want to have thin skin either. I guess we both know how much we all care about these things. Let me know if you're coming out to any ARMA-NJ events. I'm shot for events this year, but next year is looking better for things like ISMAC and WMAW.


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