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  1. Mofan

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    I have been practicing Taijiquan for three days this week. Then every time have different feeling. The first time i was happy that i could finish the routine I have learned. The second time I felt I have many things to learn. And last night I was worried. Because I found most of my movements were wrong. The coach told me to do step-by-step movements. And my physical strength is not good to afford lots of practice. So i have to do more physical training little by little. Right tai chi is not easy as someone does. I thanks the coach to teach me seriously. I will do my best to keep practising.
  2. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member


    Put more practice in when you are practicing

    In other words, practice.

    When you have done this - practice again

    And when you done these, practice more.

    And finally, when you think you had practiced, guess what?

    Start practicing
  3. Mofan

    Mofan Valued Member

    Thank you for your suggestion. It is really important! I will practice more and more.
  4. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member

    Any skill takes loads of practice.

    I understand your state of transition.

    Tai Ji is like a common math problem;

    If you think too hard and get frustrated, the answer will continue to evade you

    Relax. Enjoy.

    Esp with TaiJi

  5. Bob Klein

    Bob Klein Valued Member

    Get used to it.

    Every Tai-chi student feels that he is doing the movements wrong - no matter how long he practices. The longer you practice, the finer corrections you want to make.

    At first, just memorizing the series in a form is a great task. Then learning the compression and expansion, the breathing, the proper body alignment, the sequence of joint movements, etc., etc.

    Each type of thing you learn is a great joy. My students think they have discovered the secret of Tai-chi during a class. The next class it is the same thing, and so on. The discovery never ends.

    Your question just shows that you are focusing on your limitations and creating ways to judge yourself (badly). Just let your teacher teach you, practice the best you can and as much as you reasonably can. Then take it easy on yourself so you will enjoy Tai-chi.

    And maybe you could learn to focus on the positive - that is, each little discovery you make during your classes and practice.
  6. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member

    A short time ago, I and my nephew happened to walk by a guitar store.

    Almost passing it up, he stopped and turned to me thus saying;

    “Uncle, didn’t you play guitar?”

    I responded; “I played, but stopped”

    Nephew; “Let’s go in and look around.”

    After browsing the store, my nephew was getting excited seeing all the different colors and types of guitars.

    Upon me seeing an electric guitar set up, and the store personnel gave the go-ahead, my nephew kept trying to persuade me to play.

    I stated; “I haven’t played for a long time, and I suck.”

    Nephew; “Let me hear something. Can you really play?”

    I responded; “Yes. A little. But I really did not play”

    Nephew; “But my mom (my sister) said you had started a band and stuff.”

    I responded; “In my teenage years, I and some friends formed a band, but I really did not play.”

    Nephew; “What do you mean, you really did not play - you were in a band.”

    I responded; “ I was in a band, but I stopped playing and focused ore on girls and cars, in that order.”

    I added; “The rest of my band, continued to perfect their skills.”

    Nephew; “Come on, play something.”

    I picked up that demo electric guitar, started to plug it in, almost at the same time, the store personnel handed me a pick.

    I had played about a two minute solo of my own music, blaring with that hard rocking screaming sound.

    Nephew; “S…. That was awesome. You can really play.”

    I responded; “Not really.”

    Looking upon his confused face

    I added; “What you don’t understand is that I spent countless hours playing a real guitar developing a slight skill to play something you think so great.”

    “You spent countless hours playing fantasy guitar, and not developing no skill at all to where you could not tell if I played great.

    “Imagine if you had spent those same hours practicing with a real guitar.”

    Nephew; “I guess I haven’t bothered to practice with a real guitar. I wouldn’t mind getting one”

    I responded; “If you are seriously interested, you have to understand, it will never come without practice .”
  7. Mofan

    Mofan Valued Member

    Yeah, my coach tells me to relax myself when i am doing tai chi and don't think about too many things. I am having a try.
  8. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member

    I have stated this in my post #4

    Keep at it. After time, it will fall into place almost effortlessly :cool:

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