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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by KenpoDavid, Oct 18, 2004.

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    In "The Perfect Weapon" Jef Speakman uses a pair of sticks in a at elast one scene... well, he gave those to his original teacher, Lou Angel, and the other day Hanshi Angel broguht those with hiim when he was in town to teach a Tenshi Goju stick seminar.

    He also promoted the President and Founder of our style, Christopher Geary, to a 6th dn in Tenshi Goju Kai, making 3 arts in which he has a 6th : Shaolin Kempo, Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu, and Tenshi Goju Kai. Also my instructor, Shawn Stenier, was awarded his first dan in Tenshi Goju (complimenting his 4th in Shaolin Kempo and his rank in Kyoshu Jitsu (I'm not sure what level and don't want to get it wrong)

    Here is Hanshi Angel and Shihan Geary showing off the sticks:
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    Cool collector's item :)
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    your instructor founded a system with the same name as the system Fred Villari founded over thirty years ago.

    Cool about the promotion it is good to see school owners who still train and attain knowledge so many get idle.
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    No, of course not :p

    I'm just a lazy typist. The name of the School organization is "Christopher Geary's Shaolin Kempo Karate Inc" and the name of the style is "Christopher Geary's Shaolin Chuan'Fa". I have spent a few hours comparing our techniques to the USSD techniques (which is not strictly Villari but close) that I have on video and they are basically similar. However it seems to me there are some differnces in underlying principles that lead to visible differences in the techniques and methods.

    Yes they are all Shaolin Kempo, but it is not like he just swapped labels on the cans - defining Geary's SK was a creative work resulting in a collection of techniques and training methods that were distinct from the original.

    Thanks for the opportunity to talk about it :D better than workin!

    I also mis-spelled "Kyusho" in my original post, surprised you didn't get me on that kempocos!
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    too busy lookin at the sticks..... I must say he has a great linage, you are lucky to train with such knowledge.

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