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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by binski20, Nov 6, 2002.

  1. binski20

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    Has anyone heard of this? I got a book from the library to read, was wondering if anyone can help me understand it.
  2. TkdWarrior

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    Falun Gong by Li Hongzi is quite good book...
    the author(Mr. Li Hongzi) seems to be very knowledgeful person..
    Falun gong was set of excersices which Mr Li popularised but beacuse of ppl get insance(cultivation insanity like he himself put it) it was banned in most of asian countries...
    but most of Falun Gong excercise r much better than Qi-Gong(my experience with it)
    i guess this will give u starters...
  3. binski20

    binski20 Valued Member

    Maybe I haven't gotten to that yet. Can you explain this?
    Also have you used it? I was looking into it instead of tai chi.
  4. TkdWarrior

    TkdWarrior Valued Member

    well yes insanity is the word who doesn't understand the purpose of falun Gong or Falun Dafa, if u havn't read it yet then i won't explain much cuz it's hard to explain in here, even it took a whole book to explain that ...
    in easy words it's something like ppl want to do something n happened something else n they blamed it on Mr Li's Falun Dafa
    yup me n one of my freind used it...
    i'll say that u should look into Tai chi instead of this... becuase Falun gong can get as complicated as anything... exercises r easy to do but without Intent u cannot get full advantage of those excercises...
  5. YODA

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  6. Stickgrappler

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    my dad who has experience with hung ga and some WCK, but mostly tai chi, is a practicing buddhist. he tried some of the falun gong methods. he tells me he almost "put fire into the brain", a CMA term which means insanity/nervous breakdown kind of reaction to the training. he told me he started seeing demons. out of respect to falun gong and lack of personal involvement, i took his comments as do not practice it unless you have a trained practitioner showing you the way. he studied from the book. however, he is very experienced with respect to some of the chi gung methods and he almost went insane. i chose not to practice falun gong. YMMV (your mileage may vary).

    my dad told me falun gong was a combo of buddhist concepts and chi gung/qigong. i had 2 coworkers from my old job who were practitioners who swore by it and did not seem to be insane.

    again, FWIW. safe training to you.
  7. Mike Flanagan

    Mike Flanagan Valued Member

    I tried a falun gong class once. It was only one and I don't profess to be an expert in qi gong, but I was not impressed. Where to begin....

    The session lasted a couple of hours. It involved at least 45 minutes standing qi gong, most of it stationary and the same again sitting, again mostly stationary. This was gruelling to say the least. Students were advised to take it easy if necessary, but there was clearly an attitude that you should do it properly if you possibly could, even though some of the participants were neither young nor in good health.

    The assistant teacher seemed to be about my standard of qi gong. He was due to take over the class in a few weeks. The main teacher, who visited from London on a weekly basis, seemed to ignore all the basics of good qi gong to me. Her legs were locked out straight as were her fingers. Very odd.

    Before the lesson students were discussing various aspects of the art with each other. Listening in on these conversations I felt rather stupid. These people were discussing such esoteric aspects of their art it was just so far beyond my understanding. I clearly had so so very much to learn. Sadly, when the lesson started it became immediately clear to me that their real understanding of qi gong was actually very limited. They could 'talk a good fight' so to speak, but that seemed to be about it.

    I had heard talk of them being something of a cult, so I was ready to have someone try and brainwash me. But there seemed to be no real hard sell, no pressure and definitely no money changing hands.

    So on the whole I found them to be relatively harmless but somewhat inept.

    Of course this is just my one-off experience of one Falun Gong group. And I'm seeing it in the context of my own experiences. I personally feel that 90% or more of the benefits of qi gong are not at all esoteric, and that it should mostly be viewed in as simple a way as possible. So Falun Gong sure ain't for me.

  8. TkdWarrior

    TkdWarrior Valued Member

    me n my freind hav learnt falun gong, it energise u instantly...but seeing demons...yet to saw them... n do i look like insane?? naww...or may be yea...my folks r thinking of putting me in mental hospital :D
  9. Mad-about-Bagua

    Mad-about-Bagua Valued Member

    My 3 Qigong Sifus says Yoga ( especially Kundalini Yoga) may cause a similar insanity, because Yoga focussess on driving the Prana( chi) from the lower back up the spine to the head and stops and accumulates in the head. ( LINEAR PATH)
    Unlike Chikung, where the focus is on circulating the chi ( Microcosmic and Macrocosmic circulations) and hence is safer than Yoga.( CIRCULAR PATH)

    However since Falun Gong has strong Buddhist influence, perhaps some Yoga like practices are also practised. My Mainlainder chinese Qigong teacher say Falun Gong has caused mental Illness in many cases, causing peple to go "postal" and kill people randomly like in Columbine massacre incident.

    That's why the Chinese government is prosecuting/persecuting them. It's not to do with freedom of religion ( if that was so Christians and Muslims would be persecuted to the same degree)
    Most Falun Gong people especially Westerners are not aware of this and think it is Political/Religous persecution.
  10. Mad-about-Bagua

    Mad-about-Bagua Valued Member

    In other words, Falun Gong's Qi development methods do work, but they work too FAST and in a poorly contolled fashion that is dangerous to the practioner
  11. Kat

    Kat Valued Member

    Right so that justifies volience does it???

    I am not a FL Da fa practioner although I did investigate it,enough to find that I disagree with a lot of Li Hong Zhi's writting's however his medative practise's(particularly seated) are a great mix and the followers practise considerably more regularly then most IMA people within Sydney.
    Within China I saw first hand miltary Police "arresting" beating several FLDF people whose only problem was that they where practising the daily meditations.Whatever the effect of there practises (that you believe) have on them, it does not justify the volience commited against individuals within the PRC.

    I don't even want to touch on the "safer then Yoga" statement.
  12. nzric

    nzric on lookout for bad guys

    The way I understand, falun gong is a fast-track method of intensive chi cultivation, but that is exactly the reasons the critics state as the justification to ban it. The way I see it is if you don't have the patience to cultivate chi in the standard way/rate, why are you doing chi cultivation in the first place?

    Of course that doesn't justify violence, and I suspect that the fact that falun gong is a personal development movement, with a huge following centered on cultivating the power of the individual, also plays a big part in why it is banned - given the national psyche.

    So why would someone choose to practice falun gong instead of standard qi gong? I'd say the reason people risk persecution/death to practice certain exercises (instead of just doing qi gong) is simply to make a political statement about the freedom/non-freedom of the society. It is so popular now because it is a 'symbol' - it would be the same for juggling if the authorities reacted the same way.
  13. Kat

    Kat Valued Member

    Sydney People
    For all those that beleive that FLDF is going to make them insane I sugest getting down to Darling Harbor and trying some out,You won't be arrested;) instruction is free,and generally good natured,at worst they will try and sell you Li hong Zhis "bible",at A$16.95 it not that much and provides understanding about the why FLDF has emerged.
    I am amazed that so many people seem to make critisms of energy arts without having tried or at least investigating the methods,I guess its just easier beleiving second hand knowledge!!
    Any hoo
    I don't beleive it to be a "Fast track " or "causing people to go postal" it is simply another Method.
  14. nzric

    nzric on lookout for bad guys

    Sorry, I'm sure it doesn't make people go mad, I've just been thinking about reasons why people would risk their life/freedom to do an exercise. I think a lot of the reason it's become so huge is more due to the fact that it's now a political statement (that's also the reason every joe on the street knows about tibet). That's not a bad thing (I'd say it's actually very good), it's just another factor.

    I live in Chatswood and walk past falun gong groups every morning on my way to work (and a yang tai chi group, and some women who look like they're doing weird qigong cheerleading. unfortunately no bagua people but a little old grandma sometimes comes down and waves around a taiji broadsword). Hey, it's whatever pushes your buttons.
  15. Mike Flanagan

    Mike Flanagan Valued Member

    As I've already written in this thread, I'm not impressed with falun gong and I have seen it, although admittedly only once.

    From what little I've seen it seems there are better energy arts that are equally available.

  16. Mad-about-Bagua

    Mad-about-Bagua Valued Member

    Have a look at Stickgrappler's earlier post about how his dad suffered bad side effects when he tried Falun Gong methods.

    Christianity (5%) and Islam (5%) are amongst some of the other religions beside Taoism and Buddhism practised legally and openly in China. Some are persecuted for their beliefs to varying degrees. But yet there must be a reason that Falun Gong is singled out, made illegal and persecuted more vehemently than any other group. The PRC gov considers Falun a dangerous cult because in many documented cases, some of their followers did go"postal" and killed people thru mass poisoining etc. Off course you woudn't expect to read about it in the Morning Herald would you?And off couse did anyone bother to checkwith Chinese news websites if this is true?

    Perhaps the Falun groups in Darling Harbour and Chatswood are benign..they are not the same as in China. Ans so it is easy to conclude they are innocent victims. Like, is the Bagua taught in Sydney the same as in Beijing ? Is the DimSum here the same as in Hong Kong?

    IMHO before any Australian claims the high ground and condemn how other countries(in this case China and Falun Gong) deal with their internal problems, one should first look in one'sown backyard and identify ongoing human rights violations . And I think I need't remind anyone about current situation of aborogines, refugees , *******ization in the army ranks, coverups by the local Catholic/Anglican authoritieson child abuse .

    It's far too easy to sit in one's comfortable modern suburban Sydney home and pass judgement on how others should run their country without a proper understanding of the socio-cultural-economic implcations of the issue.

    Yeah most people would disagree with the death penalty, but in many countries where it is mandatory for convicted drug traffickers, drug abuse and socialdelinquency are not a social issue like in most liberal Western Countries. Crush the problem before it spreads. Got to be cruel to the small groupin order be kind to the majority.

    In authoritarian Singapore or Saudi Arabia , there is a mandatory death penalty for drug trafficking or illegal possession of a firearms. Result, no big social drug or gun problem. I guess it's hard for Aussies to understand this when 80% of males between 16-35 have tried Ecstasy or Pot and don't think its a crime.

    I'm not saying I agree or disagree with how Falun are treated in China , just saying "before you notice the speck in your neighbour's eye, what about the board in your own"?

    As for Yoga and madness , go to Google and do a search on " Kundalini Psychosis" and judge for yorself. I stress, again, it is only the Kundalini style of Yoga that has this problem.
  17. Kat

    Kat Valued Member

    Wow you are to far gone,but rather then condeming others who are condeming others,why not get some experience in the matter and then condeme LOL.
    Generally I research,learn do,experience and think my own thoughts.Generally I am against all voliations of Human rights,but right now we are discussing your veiw on how individuals who practise FLDF in the PRC should have there own rights trambled on(at least thats the vibe I got)because you theorize that their QG makes them "go postal"

    Any hooo (totally amazed at your ramble) you were talking about how bad FLDF is,and I take it that you will never try it or even talk to people who do it sooo????

    I guess everything is inferior for you except the energy arts that you practise that way you can create a diacotomy that can justify you saying yours is the best right?LOL Including like Yoga and other forms of Qigong.But you never tried them but you don't need to right??? As yours is Better??

    Sorry but it really saddens me to keep coming across this type of thinking.

    PS:Mainland Chinese Media is very controlled,basically propaganda,I hope you get over there,and check out the state of the population.
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  18. Mad-about-Bagua

    Mad-about-Bagua Valued Member

    Not condemning, just thrust and parry of normal debate.
    Sorry, didn’t mean to sound mean.
    I know you are not a bad person, I just believe you didn’t get the whole picture because of limited access to information.

    It’s good that you did the research. The more the better.
    I'm saying again, there many religions, philosophies and hundreds types of Qigong practised in China today. Yet for the govt to crackdown on this ONE group Falun Gong ( 70 Million followers), surely there must be a good reason (may not be obvious to Western Media because of chronic biased/selective reporting ) Don't the Chinese govt have anything better to do than "waste" resources on suppressing, arresting , prosecuting this group ? Wouldn’t they also like to improve their Human Rights image ? Is it possible they understand the dangers of Falun more than you and most superficial armchair observers ?
    Remember how USA cracked down on David Kuresh 's Branch Davidian religious cult in Waco Texas and wiped out the whole farm with all it's inhabitants ?
    That was 10 years ago in Democratic USA.
    Or the 1978 Jim Jones Doomsday cult that lead to nearly 1000 people commiting mass suicide in Guyana? http://www.owlnet.rice.edu/~reli291/Jonestown/Jonestown.html
    Weren't they claiming to practice " harmless" religion then ?

    A CLASSIC recent example of Western media misleading the Western public is how Mahatir was portrayed as encouraging Muslims to destroy Jews. I agree he is a Jew hater. But what was conspicuously left out was how he also condemned radical Muslims who resort to violent ways, archaic thinking to resolve conflict. You only have to read Singapore newspapers to see the full text of the speech. And you’d be shocked to see how much was edited out by western media. If you don’t already know, Singapore, is a non religious state, neighbour of Malaysia and not always on the best of terms with Malaysia.
    Also have a look at this SMH article....more ACCURATE and balanced reporting because unlike most reports , it was written by 2 Academics- more circumspect and balanced , from UNSW.

    So the same for Western media reporting on Falun persecution. Have they neglected to tell you how innocent people have been killed by Faluns who went postal ? Faluns who ended up in Mental Hospital. Like I said before, have a look at MAP post by “ StickGrappler” , earlier on in this thread. His own father suffered Psychotic incidences after trying Falun methods. Please as him more about it. It is not just me making a statement about Falun.

    I have talked to people who are intimately connected to it, Chinese Medical doctors who treated such cases of mental "damage".
    Have you ?

    Not interested in superior/ inferior.
    More interested in what’s SAFER.
    Some people believe Pot, Ecstasy, Motorcycles, Bungee Jumping, Swimming beyond the flags are safe activities.
    Others differ.
    So it is like that.
    I'm just putting out this info, it's up to you to decide what to do with the friendly warning.

    Omigawd really ?
    < smirk>
    You mean Aussie media is 100% accurate devoid of bias and propaganda?
    So it’s not true in last week’s news that Aussie media ranked rather low in terms of reporting freedom...the fact they aren’t allowed into Refugee camps ?
    So what they cannot report , they speculate and inflate ?
    Hmmmm WMD in Iraq eh ?
  19. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Easy fella's please.
  20. Kat

    Kat Valued Member

    Ahh Yeah,:confused:
    Needless to say your feelings are quite different to my own,So I will continue my own practises at risk of going insane,and continue to allow others who practise Qigong to enjoy their benefits(or their insanity)that they derive from their clearly unsafe practises.That and the Yogiis as well. ;)

    So just to reinterrate,I disagree with you justification for volience,and I disagree that Qigong practises alone create volient dispositions.

    And I hoping you never get placed on Diplomatic Staff attached to the PRC.

    Look on the bright side, at least the TJ forum is getting some posts up!!

    :D :D :D

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